Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The British Intrigue Continues

I wrote earlier about how I found a potential British connection for my family and how I got a copy of my grandmother's probable great uncle's marriage license in England.  Thanks to the advice of JGSGB, I contacted the Office of the Chief Rabbi in London to request of copy of Meyer and Rachel Fine's marriage authorisation.
Meyer and Rachel Fine Marriage Authorisation, Manchester, 1896

Meyer and Rachel Fine were married on Sunday August 2, 1896 in the Manchester Central Synagogue.  The celebration was at 5 Broughton Street, which was Meyer Fine's residence.

None of their brothers are listed, which is disappointing.  And Meyer's father's name is perplexing to me--it says his name is Betzalel.  My grandmother had said that her great grandfather was Yechiel Mechel--definitely not Betzalel.  She also did tell me that her grandfather Moshe Dovid Fine had a brother Mechel, which always seemed odd being that was also their father's name.  Could she have been wrong?  Could this not be my Meyer Fine (although all the indications are that it is).

I've been trying to find a death certificate for Betzalel/Charles Fine in England with no luck.  Meyer and family emigrated to the United States in 1901, and in 1903 they had a son named Charles, probably after Meyer's father, so likely Betzalel/Charles died before the family left England.  The saga continues....

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