Sunday, March 13, 2022

Nizhyn & Kozelets 1836 Metrical Records

I've written about my family who lived in and around Nizhyn, Ukraine (then Nezhin, Russian Empire), which has been in the news lately in a not-good way.  Right before the Russian invasion, I was working with the Chernihiv archives (another town unfortunately in the news) to get digitized versions of the few years of metrical (vital) records for the Nizhyn Jewish community that hadn't yet been digitized by FamilySearch.  (If you want to look at the incredible set of already-digitized records, check out my quick guide here.)  About a week before the Russian's invasion, I received Nizhyn's 1836 birth records as well as all 1836 metrical records for Kozelets.  I was working on getting 1841's, but those will have to wait until the Russians are beaten and things settle down for the people working in the archive.

A sample page of Nizhyn metrical records

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

One-Day Workshop to Benefit Ukrainians/Jewish Roots in Ukraine: Context and Connection

I'm thrilled to partner with Tammy Hepps, Brooke Schreier Ganz and Jennifer Mendelsohn to offer a workshop on Jewish roots in Ukraine, with all proceeds going to Razom for Ukraine and the American Joint Distribution Committee, who are assisting Ukrainian refugees.