Sunday, March 13, 2022

Nizhyn & Kozelets 1836 Metrical Records

I've written about my family who lived in and around Nizhyn, Ukraine (then Nezhin, Russian Empire), which has been in the news lately in a not-good way.  Right before the Russian invasion, I was working with the Chernihiv archives (another town unfortunately in the news) to get digitized versions of the few years of metrical (vital) records for the Nizhyn Jewish community that hadn't yet been digitized by FamilySearch.  (If you want to look at the incredible set of already-digitized records, check out my quick guide here.)  About a week before the Russian's invasion, I received Nizhyn's 1836 birth records as well as all 1836 metrical records for Kozelets.  I was working on getting 1841's, but those will have to wait until the Russians are beaten and things settle down for the people working in the archive.

A sample page of Nizhyn metrical records

I'm going to go through and index these (at least surnames), unless someone else does it first.  I'm also going to send the images to Alex Krakovsky so when he has time, he can include them in his collection.

In the meantime, I've hosted the images here.

There are a lot of pages that seem to mostly contain statistical information (if you speak Russian and can help translate what's there, I'd appreciate it!).  But you can look through and find the actual metrical records in Hebrew (for Kozelets)  and Russian (Kozelets and Nizhyn).

I hope people find relatives.  And I also hope that things resolve quickly for the Ukrainian people, including those who imaged these for all of us to see!

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  1. Hi Lara
    Which Nezhin records have you already indexed ? I am searching for Boletsky relatives

    1. I haven't indexed them, but I make it easier for you to look through the originals yourself. :)

  2. Thank you Lara! I can try help with Hebrew. Looking for Nayshuler in Nizhyn.

  3. Shaffarenko is my family ancestral name in Nezhin, if anyone spots this name.

  4. Hi Lara. Did come across any Dolgonovsky (Dolganovsky) records from Nezhin? particularly birth records around 1896? Thank you.

    1. I wasn't looking for those names, but you can look yourself! I created an index to imaged metrical (vital) records here: