Sunday, July 22, 2018

Nezhin Metrical (Vital) Records

I've mentioned how I've been going through the Nezhin Uzed records that are available for viewing on FamilySearch.  The records are surprisingly complete from the 1850s all the way until the Russian Revolution in 1918 with only a few missing years.

(Note via Dr. Bert Lazerow-- The names of the child and the father that in years missing from the records can sometimes be picked up from the indices.)
The kinds of records found here--this is my great-great grandmother's birth record!

For others researching the Nezhin area, I've gone through all of these records and notated how to jump to a specific year's records as well as how complete that record set is.  Note that for some years there are duplicates of some record sets, so I list all of those (sometimes one set is more complete or in better shape than another).  You'll need a free account on FamilySearch to view the records.

If you don't have family from Nezhin, still check these out to see what Russian Empire metrical record books actually look like.  You can also see if there are filmed records for your town by following these directions.

Besides the actual records, there are also indices to births for the years 1859-1888 and 1904-1918.  I link to those records below as well.

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Birth Indices


YearLink to recordsComments
1836 birthshere (jump to image 108)
1852 birthshereComplete
1854 birthshereComplete
1855 birthshereComplete
1856 birthshereComplete
1857 birthshereComplete
1858 birthshereComplete
1859 birthshereComplete
1860 birthshereComplete
1861 birthshereComplete
1862 birthshereComplete
1863 birthshereComplete
1864 birthshereComplete
1865 birthshereComplete
1866 birthshereComplete
1867 birthshereComplete
1868 birthshereComplete
1869 birthshereComplete
1870 birthshereComplete
1871 birthshereComplete
1872 birthshereComplete
1873 birthshereComplete
1874 birthshereComplete
1875 birthshereComplete
1876 birthshereComplete
1877 birthshereComplete
1878 birthshereComplete
1878 birthshereComplete
1879 birthshereMissing first 11 births
1879 birthshereComplete
1880 birthshereComplete
1881 birthshereComplete
1881 birthshereMissing first 5 births; starts with M3/F2.  Missing M54-M58 and F50-F53.
1882 birthshereComplete
1882 birthshereStarts mid-April at M51/F37; also missing F39/F42
1883 birthshereMissing first 12 births; ends mid-November
1883 birthshereComplete
1884 birthshereWhole year very damaged
1884 birthshereComplete
1885 birthshereComplete
1885 birthshereComplete
1886 birthshereMissing January-April; goes through July
1887 birthshereMissing January births; ends mid-November
1887 birthshereComplete
1888 birthshere3M, 5M, 6M torn off
1889 birthshereStarts with 3M/2F
1891 birthshereMissing first 29 births
1891 birthshereFirst 6 births
1891 birthshereComplete
1892 birthshereComplete
1892 birthshereComplete
1893 birthshereComplete
1894 birthshereEnds after birth 95 (mid-August)
1894 birthshereComplete
1896 birthshereComplete
1896 birthshereStarts with 3M/3F
1897 birthshereComplete
1898 birthshereComplete
1899 birthshereStarts with 3M/3F
1900 birthshereComplete
1901 birthshereComplete
1902 birthshereStarts with 6M/6F
1903 birthshereComplete
1904 birthshereComplete
1905 birthshereComplete
1906 birthshereStarts with 3M/6F
1907 birthshereComplete
1908 birthshereEnds 3F/4M
1909 birthshereStarts with M4/F5; ends after M36/F26
1909 birthshereStarts with M36/F26 in April
1910 birthshereComplete
1911 birthshereComplete
1912 birthshereStarts mid-January at 6F/8M; ends mid-December after F91/M98
1912 birthshereComplete
1913 birthshereStarts with 5M/3F
1914 birthshereComplete
1915 birthshereComplete
1916 birthshereStarts with 6M/2F
1917 birthshereComplete
1918 birthshereComplete

Birth Indices

1859-1869 birth indexhere-
1870-1875 birth indexhere-
1876-1888 birth indexhere-
1904-1918 birth indexherePart 1
1904-1918 birth indexherePart 2 (starting with D)


YearLink to recordsComments
1852 marriageshereComplete
1854 marriageshereComplete
1855 marriageshereComplete
1856 marriageshereComplete
1857 marriageshereComplete
1858 marriageshereComplete
1859 marriageshereComplete
1860 marriageshereComplete
1861 marriageshereComplete
1862 marriageshereComplete
1863 marriageshereComplete
1864 marriageshereComplete
1865 marriageshereComplete
1866 marriageshereComplete
1867 marriageshereComplete
1868 marriageshereComplete
1869 marriageshereComplete
1870 marriageshereComplete
1871 marriageshereComplete
1872 marriageshereComplete
1873 marriageshereComplete
1874 marriageshereComplete
1875 marriageshereComplete
1876 marriageshereEnds mid-December after marriage #58
1877 marriageshereMissing first 5 marriages; stops after August
1877 marriageshereStarts mid-April with marriage #16
1878 marriageshereComplete
1878 marriageshereComplete
1879 marriageshereEnds mid-September
1879 marriageshereMissing December
1880 marriageshereComplete
1881 marriageshereComplete
1882 marriageshereComplete
1883 marriageshereComplete
1884 marriageshereComplete
1884 marriageshereComplete
1885 marriageshereOnly first 2 December marriages
1885 marriageshereComplete
1886 marriageshereComplete
1886 marriageshereComplete
1887 marriageshereMissing marriages 5-43, 60+ (ends in September)
1887 marriageshereComplete
1888 marriageshereComplete
1888 marriageshereComplete
1889 marriageshereComplete
1889 marriageshereMissing December
1891 marriageshereStarts at marriage 70; ends at end of November
1891 marriageshereMissing first 8 marriages; ends in August after marriage 69
1892 marriageshereStarts at marriage 11; ends in October after marriage 71
1894 marriageshereEnds in September
1895 marriageshereMissing first 8 marriages
1898 marriageshereComplete
1899 marriageshereComplete
1900 marriageshereComplete
1900 marriageshereComplete
1901 marriageshereComplete
1902 marriageshereComplete
1903 marriageshereComplete
1903 marriageshereComplete
1904 marriageshereEnds in August
1904 marriageshereComplete
1905 marriageshereComplete
1906 marriageshereStarts with Marriage 6; ends in August
1906 marriageshereComplete
1907 marriageshereThrough September
1907 marriageshereComplete
1908 marriageshereComplete
1909 marriageshereComplete
1909 marriageshereComplete
1910 marriageshereComplete
1910 marriageshereComplete
1911 marriageshereComplete
1912 marriageshereStarts mid-October with marriage #47
1912 marriageshereComplete
1913 marriageshereOnly has marriages 15-38
1913 marriageshereComplete
1913 marriageshereComplete
1914 marriageshereComplete
1914 marriageshereComplete
1914 marriageshereComplete
1915 marriageshereComplete
1915 marriageshereComplete
1916 marriageshereStarts at marriage 12
1916 marriageshereMarriages 6-11
1916 marriageshereComplete
1916 marriageshereComplete
1917 marriageshereComplete
1917 marriageshereComplete
1918 marriageshereComplete
1918 marriageshereComplete


YearLink to recordsComments
1852 divorceshereComplete
1859-1879 divorceshereMissing 1866-1868, possibly missing end of 1865
1880-1899 divorceshere1880 through August only; 1890 through October only;
1893 through October only; missing 1896 & 1897
1900-1918 divorceshere1900 through February only; missing 1902;
1905 through April only; missing 1906


YearLink to recordsComments
1852 deathshereComplete
1854 deathshereComplete
1855 deathshereComplete
1856 deathshereComplete
1857 deathshereComplete
1858 deathshereComplete
1859 deathshereComplete
1860 deathshereComplete
1861 deathshereComplete
1862 deathshereComplete
1863 deathshereComplete
1864 deathshereComplete
1865 deathshereComplete
1866 deathshereComplete
1867 deathshereComplete
1868 deathshereComplete
1869 deathshereComplete
1875 deathshereComplete
1877 deathshereComplete
1879 deathshereMissing first pages of deaths; only goes through July
1880 deathshereMissing first page of deaths
1880 deathshereComplete
1881 deathshereEnds in November
1881 deathshereComplete
1882 deathshereComplete
1882 deathshereComplete
1883 deathshereMissing first pages of deaths; only goes through June
1883 deathshereComplete
1884 deathshereMissing first pages of deaths
1884 deathshereOnly first 9 deaths
1884 deathshereComplete
1885 deathshereComplete
1886 deathshereComplete
1887 deathshereComplete
1887 deathshereComplete
1888 deathshereComplete
1889 deathshereComplete
1890 deathshereMissing first 6 deaths
1891 deathshereMissing first page
1893 deathshereComplete
1895 deathshereMissing first page, ends in October
1897 deathshereOnly goes through October
1898 deathshereMissing first 4 deaths; goes through November
1900 deathshereComplete
1901 deathshereComplete
1902 deathshereMissing first 9 deaths
1902 deathshereComplete
1903 deathshereComplete
1903 deathshereComplete
1904 deathshereComplete
1905 deathshereOnly August deaths (start F51/M63)
1905 deathshereMissing first 9 deaths; ends in August (ends F50/M62)
1905 deathshereComplete
1906 deathshereStarts in February (start 7F/10M)
1906 deathshereComplete
1907 deathshereOnly has first 9 deaths
1907 deathshereComplete
1908 deathshereStarts at 6F/4M; goes through October (ends F44/M60)
1908 deathshereComplete
1909 deathshereComplete
1910 deathshereComplete
1911 deathshereStarts 4F/6M
1911 deathshereComplete
1912 deathshereMisssing M7-9, F4-5
1912 deathshereComplete
1913 deathshereComplete
1914 deathshereComplete
1915 deathshereComplete
1916 deathshereComplete
1917 deathshereComplete
1917 deathshereComplete
1918 deathshereComplete
1918 deathshereComplete

Good luck and happy hunting!  Let me know if you find anything on your family.

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  1. If anyone happensvto come across a Pogorelsky family imwill be most grateful
    Chaim Freedman, Israel

  2. Lara - this has been absolutely key to figuring out my family history! Can you explain how to utilize the indices? I can't seem to sort out how to find names lists for each year

    1. You have a decade or so for each letter. So first you have all the As, then all births with a surname starting with A, separated out by year. To the left (sometimes unfortunately lost in the binding) is a number. You can then go to the specified year and go to that number birth (separate numbers for males & females) to find the full record.

      So glad this has helped; that was my hope in publishing this post!

  3. This is a wonderful resource. I was able to find the birth records of my grandmother and her older sisters. Do you know anything about the missing years? I am in particular looking for 1893 marriages as the first child was born in February 1894. Some of 1892 is also missing. Are there any other sources for this information that you know of? Thank you.

    1. I'm sorry, but I don't know. Doesn't seem they survived. (This is actually a very complete set compared to the vast majority of other Russian Empire towns.)

  4. Thank you for this tremendous resource. I was successful in locating the birth records of my grandmother and her sisters. Do you know anything about the missing data? I am particularly interested in marriages for 1892 and 1893. Might there be other sources for this data?

    1. I'm so glad it helps! For the missing data, it doesn't seem like those years survived. They aren't in the archives in either Chernigov or Nezhin, unfortunately.

  5. Hello, Lara! I know that my family lived in Nezhin for sometime, because we have old pictures made in Malkina photo studio. I haven’t found any names in births or marriages, so I presume they lived there during years with no such family events. Are there any census or revisions lists for Nezhin? Also, how can I find any records for Gorodnya and Chernigov? TIA Vera.

    1. There are tax poll censuses available on FamilySearch as well as some records for the other towns as well. I give instructions on how to find these records on FamilySearch here:

  6. Replies
    1. Is that a way to ask if that family is in these records? I believe they are. But you'll have to use the links above to search through the books yourself to try to locate them. I give you the starting point, but you'll have to take it from there for your own family.

  7. Thank you Lara, I will have a look I them when I start my research again

  8. Thank you, Lara! Maybe you know where can i find an information for the years from 1924 and after?

    1. Unfortunately not online. There are a few scattered years in the 1920s available on FamilySearch, but later was generally not filmed by FamilySearch.

  9. Hi Lara! I've tears in my eyes because this is the closest I've ever come to potentially finding my grandmother's lost ukranian family which she dreams and speaks of every time we meet. My great-grandfather was from Nezhin and emigrated at the age of 18 in 1908. His lastname was Ioffe but I'm not sure if he was born in 1890 or 1889 (although I don't mind sitting through the records and figuring it out, if it's even there...). I am a bit confused on how to sort through them, I hope you don't mind helping me out a bit by clarifying. I read in your comment it says "You have a decade or so for each letter. " does this mean that if I started looking for the I for 1890 i would have an entire I/И - book spanning through ten years or? sorry if the question sounds stupid. Thank you so much for this incredible resource!

    1. There’s no index here that covers your years, unfortunately. In addition, 1890 births are simply missing. I’d suggest going through 1889 and the complete 1891 books to find Yaffees and hope that he’s there. Births are listed sequentially, so just look at each record.

    2. In 1889 was only one male Ioffe who born in 9 January. There also no relevants records in 1891.