Thursday, July 19, 2018

Taking it Back...To My 7th Great Grandfather

Earlier in the week, I excitedly posted that I had discovered my 5th great grandfather's death record--and that in doing so, I'd discovered the name of my 6th great grandfather.  Well, that was nothing.
1854 Nezhin Death Records

The first year of deaths from Nezhin that were microfilmed was 1854.  And in those 1854 death records, I found the death record of that 6th great grandfather, Efrayim Lefand.

Death Record of Efrayim Lefand, 1854
Efrayim Lefand, who was a registered townsperson from Nezhin, died on September 4, 1854 (23 Elul in the Jewish calendar).  He was 78 years old and was the 59th Jewish male death of the year.

And his father's name was Leib.  Leib Lefand would have been my 7th great grandfather.

Efrayim would have been born around 1776, so Leib was born in the 1750s or earlier.


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