Sunday, July 1, 2018

Where Did Yankel Marienhoff Go?

I've been tracing the children of my great-great-great grandmother Mira Halpern Lefand Marienhoff for years.  I had the birth records for a set of twins born to Mira and her second husband, Yitzchok Marienhoff; Yaakov/Yankel and Chava Marienhoff were born in Nezhin on July 1, 1887.

Birth of Yaakov and Chava Marienhoff

Chava eventually emigrated to America and became Eva Braverman (you can read about her life--and how I found her descendants with some search tricks--here).

In 1888, the family was enumerated in a poll tax census.  Eva was there, but Yankel was not.
1888 Poll Tax Census; Doroginka, Nezhin; Marienhoff Family
(The one-year-old is Eva)
 I assumed that Yankel had died in infancy but never had proof--until now.
Death Record of Yaakov Marienhoff.  Nezhin, 1887
The child Yaakov (son of Yitzchok) Marienhoff died of an unspecified illness on Nov 2, 1887 at the age of 4 months.  So now we know.

Thus far I've found documentation of eleven children that Mira bore between 1874 and 1896.  Yaakov/Yankel is the only one who died in childhood--which was quite unusual at that time!

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