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Ancestor Deep Dive: Avraham Tzvi Diamond

Even though he is a relatively recent ancestor, my great grandfather Avraham Tzvi Diamond didn't leave much of a paper trail.  He was born about 1879, likely in Biscupice, Russian Empire (now Berezhanka, Volhynia, Ukraine), just north of the road connecting Horochov and Lutsk, midway between the two cities.  His parents were Hillel and Hinda (nee Kreiss) Diamond, and his siblings included:
  • Leibish (b. abt 1886)
  • Shaindel (later Jenny Dorfman, b. 1891)
  • Esther (married Motel Landman)
  • Rivka 
  • Basya (married Mordechai Landor)
Avraham Tzvi married Tzivia Zuttelman, and they had 5 children in Biscupice:
  • Kreina (married David Mazurik), born about 1915
  • Dvorah (later Deborah Schuster), born 1920
  • Pesach (later Paul Diamond), born 1921--my grandfather
  • David, born 1924
  • Shlomo, born 1928
In 1925, when the two oldest children were in school, Avraham Tzvi signed a document allowing those children to be taught in Polish; the area recently had become part of Poland after WWI.
1925 School Declaration by Abram Diment; Source: State archive of Volyn oblast. Fond 454, opys 2, file 450, page 103

In 1941, the family was sent to the ghetto in nearby Senkevychivka.  The children would regularly be sent to work at various farms and labor camps.  On October 13, 1942, the entire ghetto was liquidated.  Avraham Tzvi and Tzivia were both killed, as was their youngest son Shlomo.
Back of Paul Diamond's Grave; Beth Tfiloh Cemetery, Baltimore; Avrohom Tzvi Diamond's name is the first Hebrew line

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