Sunday, February 15, 2015

Kuna Validation!

A few weeks ago, I discovered that the Zubkis/Supkoff family had not been in my "ancestral town" of Shpikov for very long--and were, in fact, registered in the town of Kuna.  I now have verification that the Zubkis family did, in fact, live in Kuna before Shpikov--and that there were several Zubkis families there, likely related (although at this point I don't know how they're connected to mine):
Additional Jewish revision lists of the town of Kuna, Gaisin Uezd, Podolia Gubernia, 1875 - Zubkis Family

My great-great-great grandfather, Shaul-Ber Zubkis (son of Shaya), is listed with his son (and my great-great grandfather) Shaya.  Shaul-Ber is also listed with his (previously unknown to me) brother Avrum who was two years younger, making Avrum born around 1828.  The ages listed here are those from the last revision list in 1859.

The notations in the right column state that "Shaul-Ber and son live in Shpikov" and that "Avrum lives in "M. Mikhailovka."

Unfortunately no women are listed in the 1875 revision list for Kuna.

More Kuna investigations are ongoing!

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