Sunday, October 11, 2015

Census Sunday - Zutelman Family; Boremel, Russian Empire; 1858

This is the 1858 Revision List (Russian Empire version of a census) for the Zutelman family in the town of Boremel, in what is now Rivnens'ka Oblast, Ukraine, located here.  The left page are the males in the family; the right side lists the females.

The top notes that this is from 1858, and is a revision list for Volhyn Province, Dubno County, town of Boremel.  This page contains the extended family of my great-great-great grandfather, Pesach Hirsch Zutelman.

Family members include:

Men (left side):
  • Peisach Hersh Manusovich (son of Menashe) Zutelman, age 41
  • Peisach’s brother Efroim Yankel, age 39
    • Efroim’s son Khil-Manus, age 6
  • Peisach Hersh’s nephews
    • Duvid Hersh Yankelevich Shnaider (Duvid Hersh son of Yankel), died in 1857 (was 40 in 1850)
    • Duvid Hersh’s sons:
      • 1st -Nachman, died in 1857 (was 16 in 1850)
        • Nakhman’s son Mendel, disappeared (born since 1850)
      • 2nd - Moshko Yankel, 5
    • Peisach’s 2nd nephew Hersh Leibovich Geller (Hersh son of Leib), in unknown place since 1858; was 46 in 1850
Women (right side):

  • Peisach Hersh’s wife Sima Rivka, 38
  • Efroim Yankel’s wife Sura, 37
  • His (Efroim Yankel's) daughters:
    • Gitya, 17
    • Menya, 11
  • Duvid Hersh’s wife Malka, 32
  • Hersh Leibovich’s  daughter Rivka, 24
My great-great grandfather Yechiel was born about 1850, but he's not listed.  I do know that he wasn't officially registered (since he had to establish his age based on appearance in 1875--more on that in a future blog post).  His 6-year-old cousin Khil-Manus (likely Yechiel Menashe) was listed as being in the family.

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  1. Manus is usually Menahem, in my experience.But if you have Menasches in the family, that's another story.

    1. Really??? Hmm. I wish there was more documentation in this town to give more insight!

  2. Note that you already have a Mendel, Nachman's son. Maybe from the same source.