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Golda & Feige

Uncle Izzy Joshowitz, my grandmother Minnie's brother, had told me that he'd had an uncle Isaac who had two daughters, Golda and Feige that he remembered from his childhood in Kolodne.  And I found records fleshing out a bit more of their lives.
Fani Joszovics Birth Registration; 1902

Fani was born on June 25, 1902 to Izsak and Etelka (nee Herskovics) Joszovics in Darva (now Kolodne).  This may or may not have been the Feige that my great-uncle remembered.
Fani Josovic Birth Registration; 1924 for a 1905 birth
The 1905 birth of a daughter named Fani to Izak and Ester (nee Herskovic) Josovic was registered in 1924.  (Note the change in spellings, as the town had changed from being in Hungary to Czechoslovakia after WWI.)

So either there were two Fanis/Feiges and the first died as an infant, or else there was one who wasn't quite sure of when she was born.

I also found reference to Golda's birth:
Golda Joszovics Birth Registration; 1902
Golda (also named Aranka, which is from "arany," the Hungarian word for "gold") was born to Izsak and Eszer (nee Herskovics) in February 1904.

So far, I have no other records of Golda.  She was still living in Kolodne when Uncle Izzy left in 1920.  She may have gotten married in another town and had her kids there.

But Fani/Feige stayed in Kolodne.
Marriage of Salamon Fux & Fani Josovic
Fani married Salamon Fux of Kolodne in August 1925.  Their children were born in Kolodne as well and include:
  1. Margita (born 1926)
  2. Szimcha (born 1927)
  3. Eizik Majer (born 1929)--implying that Isaac Joshowitz had died by 1929
  4. Hermann (born 1933)
  5. Hani (born 1933 and twin to Hermann)
  6. Sara (born 1939)
I have no record of the family outside of Kolodne, but there are also no Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony on them, so I don't know what happened to them after 1939.

What I do know is that Fani/Feige lived in the same town for most or all of her life--but in at least three different countries.

She was born in Hungary, was married in Czechoslovakia, and had a daughter born in Carpatho-Ukraine.
Birth of Sara Fux

Daughter Sara was born while Kolodne was part of the short-lived Carpatho-Ukraine (so her birth record is one of a relatively few written in Cyrillic); shortly after it was taken over by Hungary again, and then taken over by Germany.  Hopefully the family made it out before that happened.

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  1. Those frequently changing Eastern European borders ought to keep you on your toes. :) Good luck with your research!

    "Margit Fusch nee Fusch was born in Darva, Czechoslovakia in 1926. She was single. Prior to WWII she lived in Darva, Czechoslovakia. During the war she was in Stutthof, Free City of Danzig.

    This information is based on a List of Stutthof camp inmates found in Nevek - Jewish women in Stutthof KZ, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation and Yad Vashem, 1995."