Monday, December 26, 2016

Slews of Sanshucks

A few months back, I wrote about discovering the Brandmans of Krasnoye and how Rochel Brandman and Aryeh Leib Sanshuck were my great-great-great grandparents.  The same set of documents gave me a significant amount of information about the Sanshucks as well.
Birth of Chaya-Pesia Sanshuck; May 6, 1838; Krasnoye, Russian Empire

I learned of the existence of a sister of Aryeh-Leib named Chaya-Pesia, born in 1838.  Her parents are given as "Naftali son of Yisrael" (my 4th and 5th great grandfathers) and Shprintza (who may or may not be my 4th great grandmother).

Yisrael is the furthest-back Sanshuck in the metrical records, and he seems to be the ancestor of all of the Sanshucks in Krasnoye.  From the records I have, I know that he had at least five sons:
  1. Naftali
  2. Zalman
  3. Yitzchok
  4. Shaul
  5. Lipa
While I have no records about these sons themselves, I do have records of their children's births (and unfortunately, in many cases deaths).
Birth of Sosia-Malka Sanshuck to Zalman and Rochel Sanshuck; June 26, 1846; Krasnoye, Russian Empire
For example, I have the 1846 birth (and 1849 death) of Sosia-Malka, daughter of Zalman son of Yisrael Sanshuck and Rochel.  And the 1844 birth (and 1846 death) of Shlomo, son of Shaul and Dabia Sanshuck.
Shlomo Sanshuck Death; 1846; Krasnoye, Russian Empire
What happened to the surviving Sanshuck children other than those (like myself) descended from Naftali?  I don't know.  At least not yet!

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