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Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) 2017

Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) starts this evening.  Last year on Yom Hashoah, I listed the names of the nearly 100 family members I knew of who were killed in the Holocaust.  This year, I mention them again--as well as over 150 additional family members whose death I found evidence of over the past year.

It's been rather disconcerting (to say the least) to find vital records identifying another branch of my family--and then trace those relatives forward in time to find that all or most had been murdered during the Holocaust.  This is my one small way to make sure they are all remembered--all 259 of those currently on this list.
Concentration Camp Intake Form for (Avraham Yehudah) Leib Rutner, my fourth cousin twice removed

Name Age Relationship to Me2017
addition (*)
Baich, Avrohom 57Great grandfather
Diamond, Avrohom Tzvi 63Great grandfather
Suttleman Diamond, Tzivia 52Great grandmother
Beitch, Molly 18Great aunt
Diamond Mazurik, Kreina 27Great aunt
Mazurik, David abt 28 Great aunt's husband
Diamond, Shlomo 13Great uncle
Fine Wollich, Sara 51Great-great aunt
Fine, Baila 45Great-great aunt
Joshowitz Katz, Frieda 62Great-great aunt
Rutner Holder, Malka 46Great-great aunt
Holder, Yosef 46Great-great aunt's husband
Wollich, Yosef 55Great-great aunt's husband
Fine, Moshe Dovid 80Great-great grandfather
Fuchs, Mendel44Great-Great Uncle*
Rutner, Boruch Hirsch 63Great-great uncle
Grunberger Rutner, Etya Sheva 61Great-great uncle's wife
Fuchs Rutner, Kreindel 57Great-great uncle's wife & 3C2R
Rutner Gedalyovics, Malka84Great-Great-Great aunt*
Rutner, Wolf 88Great-Great-Great uncle
Ninsenson Zubkis, Raisaabout 65Wife of ggg uncle*
Chechman, Devora 81C1R
Davidovics, Dovid Yitzchok Eizik 81C1R
Eizikovic, Batsheva 21C1R
Eizikovic, Menachem 41C1R
Eizikovic, Shmuel 81C1R
Eizikovic, Shmuel 61C1R
Eizikovic, Shoshana 61C1R
Elio Kriger 41C1R
Josovits-Katz, Yosef 131C1R
Mazurik, Rivka 51C1R
Rutner, Chana 131C1R
Rutner, Dovid Yitzchak Eizik 11C1R
Rutner, Shmuel Moshe 91C1R
Bogomolny, Klara 241C2R
Bogomolny, Yosef 101C2R
Eizikovic, Mordechai abt 15 1C2R
Eizikovic, Mordechai 371C2R
Eizikovic, Neshka 131C2R
Eizikovic, Rephael 351C2R
Eizikovic, Roizie 111C2R
Eizikovic, Shmuel abt 15 1C2R
Eizikovic, Yaakov 31C2R
Eizikovic, Yechiel Mechel 51C2R
Eizikovic, Yosef Leib 81C2R
Eizikovic, Yosi 141C2R
Eizikovic, Yosi 161C2R
Eizikovic, Zelda 111C2R
Fine, Chaya Clara 271C2R
Fine, Yechiel Mechal 301C2R
Fine, Yehudah Leib 211C2R
Fuchs, Dovid 171C2R
Fuchs, Shlomo Solomon 271C2R
Holder, Itzik 181C2R
Joshowitz, Esther 181C2R
Joshowitz, Issac Myer Morris 351C2R
Josovits-Katz, Itzik 341C2R
Lazovnik, Mirelia 151C2R
Lazovnik, Suzelia 161C2R
Rutner Davidovics, Henya Rochel 361C2R
Rutner, Avraham Yehuda 281C2R
Rutner, Berko 151C2R
Rutner, Esther 21C2R
Rutner, Ezra 61C2R
Rutner, Ita 41C2R
Rutner, Mendel 421C2R
Rutner, Mendel 321C2R
Rutner, Rivka 191C2R
Rutner, Ruchlya Rozi 351C2R
Rutner, Smil 421C2R
Rutner, Zelda 271C2R
Wollich Chechman, Cheike 321C2R
Chechman, Mendel abt 35 1C2R's husband
Davidovics, Chaim 401C2R's husband
Fuchs Eizikovic, Rivka 351C2R's wife
Michel Rutner, Zelda 241C2R's wife
Berkovics Adler, Brana Berta451C3R*
Eizikovic, Avraham 331C3R
Eizikovic, David Isaac 381C3R
Eizikovic, Menachem Mendel 451C3R
Engelman Steinmetz, Leah Mindia 481C3R
Feintuch, Herrman Hersh 811C3R
Feintuch, Nachman 671C3R
Gedalyovits, Avraham Alter631C3R*
Gedalyovits, Davidabout 571C3R*
Jankelovits, Ancsel461C3R*
Lazovnik, Ovadia 531C3R
Lebovics, Mendel391C3R*
Rutner Groszman, Sara521C3R*
Rutner, Chayaabout 501C3R*
Rutner, Leizer501C3R*
Rutner, Mendel 371C3R
Steinmetz, Shalom Zelig 461C3R
Steinmetz, Shaul Aryeh 401C3R
Zubkis, Tania 491C3R
Feig, Michael?1C3R's husband*
Feig Rutner, Rochel Ruzena 331C3R's wife
Lazovnik, Lena Devora 421C3R's wife
Veisberger Feintuch, Chaya Sara 781C3R's wife
Yunger Eizikovic, Devorah about 45 1C3R's wife
Kagan Jankelovics, Chaya Baila421C3R's wife*
Kahan Rutner, Roza531C3R's wife*
Preiss Gedalyovics, Mirel541C3R's wife*
Veizer, Bluma551C3R's wife*
Zelikovics Rutner, Sara461C3R's wife*
Fried, Peselabout 801C4R's wife*
Davidovics, Samuel Mojzis12Half 2C1R*
Davidovics, Shaindel14Half 2C1R*
Aaronovich, Dovid?2C2R*
Aaronovich, Neshka Necha?2C2R*
Aaronovich, Yona?2C2R*
Aaronovich, Yosef?2C2R*
Aaronovich, Yosef Leib?2C2R*
Aaronovich, Zeleg?2C2R*
Adler, Edit102C2R*
Adler, Irenabout 62C2R*
Adler, Mendel82C2R*
Berkovics, Aranka162C2R*
Berkovics, Yuta Ida192C2R*
Feig, Chaim Getzel?2C2R*
Feig, Mindel?2C2R*
Gedalyovits Gedalyovits, Sara Szoszie Rifke292C2R*
Gedalyovits, Feige352C2R*
Gedalyovits, Feiwich312C2R*
Gedalyovits, Mendel232C2R*
Gedalyovits, Sara382C2R*
Gedalyovits, Yitzchok282C2R*
Groszman Abrahamovics, Rachel Charna292C2R*
Groszman Ovics, Meita Marta192C2R*
Groszman, Moshe Yaakov102C2R*
Herskovics Rutner, Malka412C2R*
Jankelovits, Mendel Joel132C2R*
Jankelovits, Salamon122C2R*
Jankelovits, Toba Rifka152C2R*
Rutner, Etel132C2R*
Rutner, Ita202C2R*
Rutner, Leah112C2R*
Rutner, Mendel192C2R*
Rutner, Shmuel412C2R*
Cik, Abraham372C2R's husband*
Gedalyovits, Alter322C2R's husband*
Mandel, Avraham?2C2R's husband*
Eizikovic, Chaya Leahabout 322C2R's wife*
Fuchs Zeidenfeld, Tobe Rivka712C3R*
Fuchs, Mozes David242C3R*
Rutner Fuchs, Miriam Marie582C3R*
Rutner, Refaelabout 402C3R*
Fixler, Pinchas722C3R's husband*
Abrahamovics, Avraham Alter23C1R*
Cik, Ezra123C1R*
Cik, Joinesz63C1R*
Gedalyovics, Aharon63C1R*
Gedalyovics, Chaim73C1R*
Gedalyovics, Chaya43C1R*
Mandel, Ezra73C1R*
Mandel, Rochel93C1R*
Ovics, Freida Malka13C1R*
Rutner, ? (son of Mendel)33C1R*
Rutner, Avraham Leizer33C1R*
Rutner, Ester113C1R*
Rutner, Eszter103C1R*
Rutner, Eszter83C1R*
Rutner, Ezra Yaakov63C1R*
Rutner, Gita103C1R*
Rutner, Jidesz143C1R*
Rutner, Szura83C1R*
Fixler Gutman, Malka343C2R*
Fixler, Benczin373C2R*
Fuchs Fuchs, Pesel343C2R*
Fuchs, Meita303C2R*
Fuchs, Mordechai Marton373C2R*
Fuchs, Shlomoabout 53C2R*
Fuchs, Yisrael Moshe273C2R*
Perl Fuchs, Miriam Mari383C2R*
Rutner Davidovics, Pesel453C2R*
Rutner Engel, Perel373C2R*
Rutner, Charnaabout 403C2R*
Rutner, Meita Margarit233C2R*
Rutner, Saraabout 403C2R*
Rutner, Yehudisabout 403C2R*
Fuchs, Nachmanabout 403C2R's husband*
Werzberger Gutman, David393C2R's husband*
Fixler, Breindel Berta383C2R's wife*
Leah Fuchs3C2R's wife*
Rutner Brandstein, Sprince513C3R*
Rutner Gross, Malka653C3R*
Rutner Roth, Yehudis383C3R*
Rutner, Chaim613C3R
Rutner, Nachman Nathan733C3R*
Rutner, Shlomo Salomon463C3R*
Brandstein, Shaya473C3R's husband*
Farkash, Rachel Olga593C3R's wife*
Neilinger Rutner, Esther443C3R's wife*
Weiss Rutner, Chana583C3R's wife*
Engel, Asher24C1R*
Engel, Nachum44C1R*
Engel, Rafael84C1R*
Engel, Shalom64C1R*
Engel, Yehoshua3 months4C1R*
Fixler, Gitel134C1R*
Fixler, Miriam Rivka84C1R*
Fixler, Moshe Leib104C1R*
Fuchs, Chaim Leib34C1R*
Fuchs, Etiaabout 204C1R*
Fuchs, Mosheabout 34C1R*
Fuchs, Moshe Aron44C1R*
Fuchs, Reizel54C1R*
Fuchs, Sara64C1R*
Fuchs, Shabsai84C1R*
Fuchs, Yitzchok Eizik Meir84C1R*
Moskovics, Etel54C1R*
Moskovics, Itzikabout 34C1R*
Moskovics, Meyerabout 14C1R*
Rosenberg, Moshe Zev94C1R*
Rosenberg, Rechel124C1R*
Werzberger-Gutman, Avraham114C1R*
Werzberger-Gutman, Eidel54C1R*
Werzberger-Gutman, Gitel94C1R*
Werzberger-Gutman, Shmuel134C1R*
Werzberger-Gutman, Yitzchak74C1R*
Brandstein, Abraham174C2R*
Brandstein, Marton144C2R*
Brandstein, Meita Magdalena224C2R*
Brandstein, Mozis114C2R*
Brandstein, Rosa154C2R*
Jeger, Abraham Leib344C2R*
Jeger, Hene Rivka214C2R*
Jeger, Toba204C2R*
Rutner Greenzweig, Esther324C2R*
Rutner Herskovics, Kreindla374C2R*
Rutner Hoffman, Frimit474C2R*
Rutner Landa, Malka424C2R*
Rutner Lebovics, Rivka Regina354C2R
Rutner Rutner, Zelda274C2R*
Rutner, Aharon Mordechai274C2R
Rutner, Avraham Yehuda Leib284C2R*
Rutner, David224C2R*
Rutner, Dovid244C2R
Rutner, Etia224C2R
Rutner, Gisa234C2R*
Rutner, Helena Hermin Hensha334C2R*
Rutner, Leizer194C2R*
Rutner, Shmuel Moshe204C2R
Rutner, Yaakov114C2R*
Rutner, Yitzchak144C2R*
Rutner Eizikovic, Rachel Roza334C2R and wife of 1C3R*
Hoffman, Yisraelabout 504C2R's husband*
Rutner, Eidelabout 304C2R's wife*
Greenzweig, Chaimabout 105C1R*
Greenzweig, Elazarabout 105C1R*
Greenzweig, Meirabout 105C1R*
Herskovics, Berel65C1R*
Herskovics, Etia105C1R*
Herskovics, Shmuel Moshe85C1R*
Herskovics, Zelda125C1R*
Hoch, Efrayim14 months5C1R*
Hoffman, Eliyahu205C1R*
Hoffman, Zelda Zisselabout 205C1R*
Landa?, Shmuel Moshe115C1R*
Rutner, Shmuel Mosheabout 35C1R*

May their memories be for a blessing.  יהי זכרם ברוך.

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  1. Replies
    1. Probably 80%+. Many of them I found because they had pages.

  2. Thank you for remembering and sharing their names.

  3. A terrible, terrible time in history. May they all RIP.

  4. I must do this one year...Great idea.

  5. I also need to do this. My list also keeps growing. Fortunately, I also keep finding family members who somehow escaped or survived. In any of those circumstances, whether they were killed or survived, their lives were irrevocably changed and scarred forever.

  6. May they all rest in peace. I have not yet found records for my family members that perished in the Holocaust. Are there specific online places where I can research them? Thanks, Lois

    1. Yad Vashem, Fold3 and USHMM are good places to start.

    2. Thanks so much; I'm off to check.

    3. I went out on Yad Vashem and found the family of who I believe to be a great uncle. Do you know if it is possible to contact the people who have posted the names, and if so, where can I learn about doing so. Thanks again!

    4. There's usually an address, but it may have been filled out years ago. You just need to use detective skills to try to find a current address.

  7. A great idea to memorialize the kedoshim............