Sunday, September 24, 2017

Harry's Granddaughter, A Blog Success

Back in October 2014 I wrote about my great-great grandmother's half brother Hirsch/Harry Marienhoff.  I had traced his descendants and believed there was only one still living, and although I had her name from her mother's obituary, I couldn't reach her.  That post ended with the words "I've tried contacting the person I think may be Catherine Anne, but I haven't received a response.  Maybe she'll eventually google herself and contact me?"  People talk about blogs being good "relative bait."  Well, it happened.
Birth Record of Hirsch (later Harry) Marienhoff, 1893

Last week, I got a Facebook message from Harry's granddaughter, who goes by her middle name, Anne.  As I had hoped, a Google search led her to my blog!

Although Anne is about midway in age between myself and my mother, she's actually from my grandfather's generation; he was her half second cousin.  We have been emailing and spoke by phone.  Anne doesn't know very much about her Marienhoff side, but she's going to be taking a DNA test, which may reveal more about our family.  So stay tuned!

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  1. Another example underscoring the value of blogging for genealogy. Congratulations!

  2. I've had great luck with cousins finding me through my blog---a benefit I never anticipated when I started blogging four years ago. Some of those cousins have opened incredible doors and broken down many brick walls in my research. I hope Anne proves to do that for you also!