Saturday, December 30, 2017

Yartzeit of Paul & Sonia Diamond

The day that just ended, the 12th of Tevet, was the yartzeit (anniversary of death) for both of my Diamond grandparents--21 years apart.  My grandparents were both Holocaust survivors who went through incredible hardships, married while living in a Displaced Persons camp, moved to America, and then--in an entirely new country--started a family and a business.
My grandparents, Paul & Sonia Diamond

My grandfather died on 12 Tevet 5754 (December 26, 1993) and my grandmother on 12 Tevet 5775 (January 2, 2015).

My grandmother spoke more about her experiences than did my grandfather, but he did write an autobiography, which you can read here.  And this past February, I was contacted by someone who was able to reveal how my grandfather saved lives during the Holocaust.

A few years ago I transcribed an interview with my grandmother which describes her life before, during and just after World War II:
  1. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: Growing up in Horochov (1922-1935, part 1) 
  2. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: Growing up in Horochov (1922-1935, part 2) 
  3. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: Living in Shklyn and the Senkevychivka Ghetto (Part 3: 1936-1942) 
  4. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: Senkevychivka Ghetto Destruction (Part 4: 1942) 
  5. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: After the Senkevychivka Ghetto Destruction (Part 5: 1942-1943) 
  6. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: Hiding in Plain Sight (Part 6: 1943-1944) 
  7. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: The Ending of the War (Part 7: 1944-1945) 
  8. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: Displaced Persons' Camps (Part 8: 1945-1947) 
  9. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: Coming to America (Part 9: 1947-1948)
My grandparents, Paul & Sonia Diamond
Their latest great grandchild was just born this week--and her name is Shira, after my grandmother.

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