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Rutner Family Hungarian Passport

My great grandmother Esther Rutner Joshowitz had only one sibling who came to America--her brother Adolph (also known as Abraham).  Adolph/Abraham was born in Dulfalva, Hungary (today Dulovo, Ukraine), married Amalia "Mali" Kassirer and had two sons in Budapest, moved to Paris, and then emigrated to America.  His wife and two sons later joined him in Pennsylvania, and Adolph's daughter Helen was born in America.

Adolph's second son, Emile, gave me copies of some family documents back in the early 1990s--among which were the passport on which he, his mother, and his brother Max used to emigrate to America.

Although at the time this passport was issued, Dulfalva was in Czechoslovakia and Petrova (Amalia's birthplace) was in Romania, Amalia's passport was Hungarian.

The passport was issued to Mrs. Abraham Rutner, nee Amalie Kaszirer and her two children.

Amalie was born in 1891 in Petrova, but at this point in time lived in Paris.  Her son Emile was born in 1921; Max was born in 1919, and the two boys were included on the passport.
The passport contained a picture of Amalie and her two sons--and her signature: "Mali Rutner."

The Paris Police stamped the passport stating that the family was going to America; the family also had a stamp from Cherbourg, the town from which their ship to America embarked.
The family was going to America and was allowed to go to several other countries in transit.

The American consulate gave one immigration visa to "Aurelie" and her son Max in August 1928 and a second one to Emile on September 1, 1928.  Later that month, the family left Europe on their way to America.
And so far as I know, the passport was never used again.

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