Saturday, February 17, 2018

Megillah & Friday Night Dinner at RootsTech!

If you're Jewish and will be at RootsTech in just over a week, please come to Megillah readings!  RootsTech has been gracious enough to let us use a room in the Salt Palace Convention Center for Megillah!  In addition, we will be getting together for a (kosher) Friday night dinner--RSVP requested.
Details are as follows:
  • Wednesday night Megillah Reading at 7PM
  • Thursday morning Megillah Reading at 9:30A
  • Friday night meal two blocks from the Salt Palace
If you want to any any (or all) of these events, please email me (laradiamond AT gmail DOT com) for more details.
(And a plug for the class I'm giving--come hear about endogamy on Wednesday morning at 9:30AM.)

Please share with others who will be at RootsTech this year.  Freilechen Purim to all!

Note:  I'm on Twitter.  Follow me (@larasgenealogy).

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  1. Would any of us Gentiles be allowed to be in attendance for the readings?

    1. I don't see why not! Note that the readings will be in Hebrew though.... (Can't wait to see you in general. :) )

  2. I expect to attend one Megillah reading, probably Thursday evening. I'll also join everyone for Shabbat dinner. What is the cost and how can I pay for dinner?

    1. Wednesday evening, not Thursday. :)

      I'll email you about dinner.