Monday, October 8, 2018

November/December 2018 Presentations--In CO, OH, VA, NY, CA, WA & MD

My November/December 2018 will be subtitled, "Who Needs Weekends, Anyways"?

I'll be speaking all over the country, and hopefully some of the people who read this blog will live nearby and can attend at least one of these sessions.  Come by and say hi!  You can see the full list of upcoming talks, scheduled into 2019 here.

So here are some details.
Me speaking a few years back at OGS

I start off with a full day of talks in Denver on November 4.  I'm completely impressed by the scope of  the program that JGSCO is putting on--hey, there are two meals included if you sign up!  Also, two of the sponsors are a mortuary and a cemetery, so you know it'll be a fun time.  At least if you're a genealogist.  Details here--you need to register in advance.

The following weekend, I'll be hosted by the Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland.  I'll be giving two DNA-related talks--one a basic intro and the second a series of case studies for having success when dealing with endogamy.  Details here.

That very Thursday, I'll be speaking for the Fairfax Genealogical Society and will be talking about my 2016 trip to Ukraine.  Details here.

To continue the craziness of the month, the next Sunday I'll be in NYC, with a talk jointly hosted by the Jewish Genealogical Society (of New York) and JewishGen.  Another chance to hear about endogamy.  Details here.

Then after a Thanksgiving break, I'm off to the west coast to Seattle to speak for the Jewish Genealogical Society of Washington State.  Details here.

And finally back in my hometown, I'll be giving a basic intro to DNA at the Jewish Genealogy Society of Maryland on December 16.  Details here.
For details on all of these talks and more, you can see the full list at this link.

Hope to see lots of blog readers as I hop around the country!

Note:  I'm on Twitter.  Follow me (@larasgenealogy).

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  1. Oh no! We will be out of town the day you will be in Denver.

    1. Sorry to miss you! Or you can still change your plans.... :)

    2. Nope, visiting our daughter in San Jose.

  2. Looking forward to seeing you in Boston in May!

    1. It’ll be great to see you again! I think the last time was Boston as well!