Sunday, February 17, 2019

My Great-Great Uncle's Marriage

My great grandmother had a brother named Mendel Fuchs.  Until I got civil vital records from his hometown of Dulovo (then Dulfalva), I didn't even know he existed.  Since that time, I discovered that he was born in 1900 and that he was murdered in Dachau in November 1944--and was even issued a death certificate.

But I didn't know what happened in between, although I did know from Dachau records that he'd been deported from Khust.  However, since many Jews were taken from their villages to Khust before final deportation, I wasn't sure where he lived as an adult.  But now I have some records from Khust, and guess who I found!
Mendel Fuchs Marriage, 1934

Oh May 3, 1934, Mendel Fuchs married Chaja Feiga Moskovic.  Both lived in Khust (then Chust), although Chaja Feiga was born in the nearby village of Iza.

Mendel's part of the record only gives his mother's name (Ruzena Fuchs--this was my great-great grandmother Rochel Fuchs Rutner).  Now, when Mendel was born, his parents weren't considered legally married--which was very common.  However his parents did have a legal marriage in 1918, and I wrote about how that marriage was notated on his already-married siblings' marriage record, along with their father's name.  But even though Mendel married after his parents' legal marriage, there is no mention of "Rutner" in this marriage record.  I'm really not sure why that would be.  (Any idea, readers?)

With the help of various records, I'm slowly piecing together fragments of Mendel's life.  Hopefully there is even more out there.

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