Sunday, June 30, 2019

Connecting the Farkas Line, Maybe

I recently wrote about how a DNA connection to my cousin John's mother helped us to find the connection--but that the large shared segments on the X chromosome implied that there had to be another connection.  Well, I have a new theory that might trace my Farkas line further back.  But it's still very much a theory.
Ita Farkas, Death Record, 1914

I already knew from her death record that my great-great-great grandmother (Ita Farkas) was the daughter of Mozes Farkas.  And from her grave, I know that Ita's father's Hebrew name was Shmuel Moshe.  But Farkas is an exceedingly common surname in the area, and I had no information about her town of birth.  So extending the Farkas line has been a dead end to this point.

However, I know from the DNA shared with John's mother, that both myself and my mother's third cousin Ron are related to John's mother.  And because my mother, uncle and great-aunt all share large segments of the X chromosome with John's mother, that connection (unless Ron has those segments from yet another connection to John's mother) would be through Ita Farkas, because of how X is inherited.  In addition, the connection has to be through John's great grandmother Malka, for the same reason.

Feige's father was Mozes Szax.  I know from Mozes' death record that his father was Benjamin, but no mother's name was given.  However, the same town has the death of a Chajem Szax, son of Benjamin Szax--and Hani Farkas.  If Hani was Mozes's mother as well, she had a child with the same name as Ita's father.  Could Ita and Hani be siblings?  Could Ita have been from Velyatin?

At this point, this is all a crazy theory, and Mozes is a very common name; I'm definitely not updating my tree to include this extremely tentative connection.  In addition, Velyatin is in what was the Chust district, and the synagogue records for that district haven't been located, so the only vital records we have from that town start with the civil records in 1895.  If anyone knows where the earlier synagogue records are to help prove--or disprove--this theory, please (please please) let me know!  Have I mentioned that I really would love pre-1895 Chust district synagogue records?

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