Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Zuboks of Radomyshl - My Relatives?

Thanks to Alex Krakovsky putting more and more Ukrainian records online (check out what he has here if you haven't yet), I've spent quite a bit of time going down many rabbit holes.  Some have paid off, some haven't, and some are still in progress.

These records have helped me to track my Zubkis family to areas across Podolia Guberniya and eastern Volhynia Guberniya, as they migrated to other towns from their 1795 location in Uman.  And some of the branches' surnames--proven to descend from my Zubkis family--morphed over the years to Zubko and Zubkov.  So I've been looking into any family name of the form Z*b*k* and Z*p*k*, and trying to see if they are connected to my family.  And that is how I ended up reconstructing the Zubok family of Radomyshl.
Avrum son of Yankel Zubok, Radomyshl, 1850 Revision List

Alex's page had the 1850 Revision List for Radomyshl.  And in there, I found listings for what looked to be several brothers who were each head of their own household--Avrum, Duvid and Morduch Zubok, all sons of Yankel.  Well, this looked promising, since the furthest back Zubkis ancestor I know is Yankel.  (And Avrum is quite common in my Zubkis family--but also in Russian Empire Jewish families in general.)  Perhaps this Yankel Zubok was named for our common ancestor, Yankel Zubkis of Uman?  Or maybe it was the same person?

So I looked back a bit further, since Alex's page also has the 1834 Revision List.  Yankel's son Duvid was listed as a head of household--but so was Yankel!
Yankel Zubok, 1834 Revision, Radomyshl
The 1834 Revision List says that Yankel's father was Chaim.  Yankel had died in 1833, but he was 70 at the time of the last revision.  So I went and looked at the 1818 Revision List.
Yankel son of Chaim Zubok, 1818 Revision, Radomyshl
In 1818, Yankel was living with his wife Sura, and he was 70 years old, meaning that he was born around 1748.  My 6th great grandfather, Yankel Zubkis, had a son in 1755.  So these aren't the same Yankel--and Yankel Zubok would not have been named for my Yankel Zubkis.

In 1808, at first I thought that Yankel Zubok wasn't listed.  But take a look at this:
Yankel son of Chaim Luchynsky, 1808 Revision, Radomyshl Uyzd
In 1808, there was a family group that looked quite similar to the 1818 Yankel Zubok's.  Yankel (son of Chaim) Luchinsky was living with his wife Sura in the village of Mineiki in Brusilov Uezd in Radomyshl Povit.  Luchinsky could be a surname, but it could also relate to someone from Luchin--with no surname given at this early date.
I couldn't identify where Mineiki is located.  But I could easily find Luchyn, near Brusilov.  It's about 30 miles from Luchyn to Radomyshl, where the Zubok family was living by 1818.  And it's about 100 miles from Luchyn to Uman, where my Zubkis family was living by 1795.

So is this Luchinsky family the same as the Zuboks?  Are the Zuboks the same family as my Zubkis family?  Or is this just a coincidence of similar surnames?  I don't yet know.  I'd appreciate others' thoughts!

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  1. I think the Luchinsky family is probably the Zubos, but not so certain that the Zuboks are the same family as your Zubkis clan. Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year, Lara.

    1. That's kind of where I am now. I really need a time machine!