Sunday, July 12, 2020

Enumerated....Three Times

Every genealogist knows the frustration of not finding a specific family member enumerated in a census.  A lucky genealogist will find family members enumerated in two places because they in school (and enumerated there as well as at home) or had moved right in time to be enumerated at an old and new home.  But have you ever found someone enumerated THREE times in one census?

Meet someone who has: Srul son of Mordechai Zubkis, my second cousin four times removed.
Zubkis Family, 1875 Russian Empire Conscription Census, Kuna, Gaysin Uezd
Srul appears everywhere in the 1875 Russian Empire Conscription Census.  He appears in the census for the Zubkis town of Kuna in Gaysin Uezd, living with his father and younger brother (since this is a conscription census, only males were enumerated).  Srul was 4 years old in a December 1858 revision, but it's noted that he no longer lives in Kuna--and that the family actually currently lives in Skarbka, Litin uezd.

Except that Srul himself didn't.
Srul Zubkis, 1875 Russian Empire Conscription Census, Gaysin Uezd Jews Living in Olgopol Uezd

Despite the fact that the Kuna revision (and Kuna was in Gayzin Uezd) stated that Srul was living in Litin Uezd, he's enumerated again in a Gaysin Uezd list of Jews living in Olgopol Uezd.

Srul must have really wanted to be conscripted.  Because this wasn't the extent of his inclusion in this census.
Srul Zubkis, 1875 Russian Empire Conscription Census, Jews Temporarily in Bershad
Srul was temporarily in Bershad, so he was enumerated there as well.  That enumeration mentioned that he actually lived in Zhabokrych.

I'm currently going through thousands of pages from Podolia Guberniya of the 1875 census (thanks to Alex Krakovsky's wiki), so at the rate we are going, who wants to bet that I'll find Srul enumerated elsewhere too?  I still need to look for Skarba and Zharbokrych entries, among others.  I'm pretty sure I will, because this guy liked to be counted!

Can anyone beat three enumerations? :)

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  1. Woo hoo! Zabokrych? That's one of my important family towns. I even created a KehilaLink for it. Our paths keep crossing, Lara. ;)

    1. I know! I can't wait to find an intersection between our family trees.

  2. Hi Lara! I know you probably don't have time for this but do you remember seeing a family or family's with the surname Lekhovitzer or a similar spelling in the 1875 census?

    1. Sorry, but I was looking for my specific family names and didn't really pay attention to the thousands of others.