Sunday, August 1, 2021

Diamonds Are This Girl's Best Friend - Two New Diamond Ancestors!

My Diment/Diamond family lived in what is now Kiselin, Ukraine, formerly Kiselin, Vladimir-Volinsk District, Volhynia Gubernia, Russian Empire.  Alex Krakovsky recently put up an 1858 revision list for the district (if you have Ukrainian ancestry and haven't looked at Alex's scans, go look here immediately).

After a false start (since the first 150 or so pages are non-Jews), I figured out how the book was organized, and then I zeroed in on the Kiselin entries.  And there they were.

Diment Family (males); Kiselin, Russian Empire; 1858

The head of household was my 4th great grandfather, Yankel Diment, whose name I already knew from his son's death record.  But thanks to the wonder that is the Russian patronymic, I now know the name of my 5th great grandfather--Elia Diment!  (Yankel had left town in 1885.)

Yankel was listed with his two sons, Leiba (my 3rd great grandfather) and Nissen (new to me).  Leiba himself had left town to an unknown location in 1857

Leiba had two sons listed--Hillel (my 2nd great grandfather) and Duvid Shlomo, who had fled town in 1851.  And Nissen had a son Yos.

The women in the family helped to flesh out my tree as well.

Diment Family (females); Kiselin, Russian Empire; 1858

Leiba was enumerated with his wife, my presumed 4th great grandmother (and new-to-me ancestor), Chaya!

Hillel's wife Chaya Sima was mentioned; this was his first wife, and I mention their very interesting marriage record here.

And Nissen's wife was Chaya Leah.  Note the three Chayas in this one house!

I'm painstakingly going through the entire district's entries now in hopes of spotting more family.  But what a gem of a find already!

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  1. A wonderful find! I always appreciate both the links and your methodology.

  2. My cousin James Chandler just visited Kiselin and did an excellent report with photos posted here:

    1. Thanks, this is great! Please make sure he knows about this revision list. He'll likely find family there.

    2. Thanks! We have a little team working on it. With Ukrainian & Russian cursive samples of family name.

    3. Kiselin starts on page 432 of the PDF. And it'll be Russian, not Ukrainian, since the area was Russian Empire at the time.

    4. Thanks, Lara. I'd only gotten as far as mapping out the Yiddish on pdf pages 193, 199, 442, 445, 609, 614, 691, 730, 780, 839, 844, 866, 886, and 1220.

    5. Odds are that your family won't be there. Start on 432 and go through the entire town. Kiselin didn't have that many pages.