Sunday, September 22, 2013

71st Anniversary of Senkevychivka Ghetto's Destruction

71 years ago today (2nd day of חול המועד סוכות), the Nazis "liquidated" the ghetto in Senkevychivka, Ukraine. Among those murdered were:
Kreina Diamant Mazurik was among those killed

  • In my grandfather's family:
    • My grandfather’s parents Avrohom Tzvi Diamant (age 65) and Tzivia Suttleman Diamant (age 54)
    • My grandfather’s sister and brother-in-law Kreina Diamant Mazurik (age 26) and David Mazurik
    • My grandfather’s niece Rivka Mazurik (age 5)
    • My grandfather’s brother Shlomo Diamant (age 14)
Malia & Avraham Beitch were among those killed
Standing:  Sara Fine Wollich, Moshe Wollich, Cheike Chechman; Sitting: Yosef Wollich, Mendel Chechman (earlier) and Devora Chechman were among those killed
Moshe Dovid Fine was among those killed

In my grandmother's family:
    • My grandmother’s grandfather, Moshe Dovid Fine (age 80) 
    • My grandmother’s father, Avrohom Beitsch (age 57)
    • My grandmother’s sister, Molly Beitsch (age 18)
    • My grandmother’s aunt & uncle, Sara Fine Wollich (age 51) and Yosef Wollich (age 55)
    • My grandmother’s first cousin, Cheike Wollich Chechman (age 32) and her daughter Devora Chechman (age 7) [Cheike's husband Mendel had been killed about a year earlier]
    • My grandmother’s aunt, Baila Fine (age 45)

יהי זכרם ברוך

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