Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The British Connection, Part 2

The British saga continues!  A couple of weeks ago, I found indications that my grandmother's great-uncle--and potentially her great-grandfather--had immigrated from the Russian Empire to England.  I ordered my great uncle Meyer's marriage record from England, and it came in the mail last night.  (I am very impressed with the speed of the UK's GRO office--less than 2 weeks to receive a certificate internationally, much faster than most US states!)

According to the certificate, "Myer Fien," aged 22, married Rachel Kaufman, aged 20 on August 2, 1896.  The married took place in Prestwick's Central Synagogue in Manchester & Lancaster Counties.  Myer's profession was that of a Journeyman cabinet maker, and Rachel was a Mantle Making Assistant.  (This reconfirms that the Meyer Fine found with his father "Hebel" in England's 1891 census was probably the same person, as Meyer was there a 16-year-old cabinet maker.)

Marriage Record for "Myer Fien" and Rachel Kaufman; Prestwich, England; 1896

Myer's father is given as Charles Fiene, a Farm Holder.  Could this really be my ggg-grandfather, Yechiel Mechel Fine, a farm holder in England, having Anglicized his name?  Charles is often a name taken by those named Yechiel (my great-great grandfather Yechiel Suttleman went by Charles in the US).

Thanks to some helpful members of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain, I know that all Jewish weddings in Britain required the Rabbinate to issue a "marriage authorisation" which has information about the bride & grooms' families--including Hebrew names and brothers.  I've already sent off an email to request that document, which will hopefully fill in some blanks.

Now that I believe that Yechiel Mechel/Habel/Charles Fine lived (and probably died) in England, I've been trying to locate a death record.  He was definitely alive during the 1891 census, and since the marriage certificate gives him a profession (rather than "deceased"), it's implied he was still alive in 1891.  Meyer, Rachel, and their 3 England-born children all immigrated to the US in 1901, and there is no mention of Meyer's father.  Meyer and Rachel's son Charles was born in 1903 in Ohio, so Meyer's father would have died in 1903 or earlier.

I haven't been able to locate a death record indexed for Charles or Yechiel Fine in England.  This could be the clue to his wife's name (my suspicion based on his granddaughters' names is that it was Sara) and his parents' names.  And what sort of farm did he have?

Time to delve more into British records!

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  1. It seems you and I have a lot in common. I recently found my great grandparents' marriage (Cohen & Berman) in this exact synagogue, same type and color of marriage certificate, their marriage was in 1898. It has been tough due to their common forenames and surnames. It was a real thrill to find it finally, with the help of a saavy cousin. My ggs also came from Russia. Good luck on your research!! -Janet