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Dovid Isaac/Eizik David Rutner

Dovid Isaac (also sometimes Eizik David) Rutner was the older half brother of my great grandmother, Esther Rutner Joshowitz.  He was generally called "Eizik."
Eizik David Rutner Birth Registration

The birth of Eizik David Rutner was registered by Eizik David himself in 1898.  He states that he was born in Darva (today's Kolodne) in 1874 to 21-year-old Mozes Rutner (Shmuel Moshe Rutner) and 21-year-old Henye Rachel Berger.  At the time of the 1898 registration, Henye Rachel was deceased.

Dovid Eizik and his wife Etya Sheva Grunberger had at least twelve children.  Four died in early childhood and at least three died in the Holocaust.
Birth of Zelman Rutner to Eizik and Seva Rutner; Dulfava, Austria-Hungary; 1906
  1. Mendel (1901-Holocaust)
  2. Mosko (Dec 1903-Jan 1904)
  3. Jakob (Dec 1904-May 1905)
  4. Aharon Tzvi (1906-2003)
  5. Zalman (May 1906-June 1906)
  6. Henye Rachel (1908-Holocaust); married name Davidovics
  7. Leib (1910-1983)
  8. Jakob "Yira" (1912-?)
  9. Herman (1915-2001)
  10. Itka (1917-?)
  11. Leah (Feb 1921-Mar 1921)
  12. Rivka (1922-Holocaust)
Birth of Henya Rachel Rutner to Eizik and Seva Rutner; Dulfava, Austria-Hungary; 1908
Eizik was a merchant and a trader (based on his profession on his children's birth records).  He also signed several of the records, so I have his signature:
Signature of Eizik Rutner
Eizik's wife Etya-Sheva and several of his children were killed in the Holocaust.  Eizik died before that though, in January 1935.
Eizik Rutner Death; 1935
I don't know much more about Eizik, but having documents about him and his family have helped to at least generate a skeleton of what was likely a much more full life.  If anyone finds this and knows more, please let me know!

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