Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mapping My DNA--Updated!

About five months ago, I blogged about using Kitty Cooper's Chromosome Matcher to figure out which segments of my DNA came from which ancestors.  Now that several more relatives have tested, I've been able to include them in my analysis, filling in some more of the blank areas.

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So who contributed to breaking out into these particular ancestors?

Paternal Side

  • Sonia Baich Diamond.  My paternal grandmother is my only tested grandparent.  No one else on her side has tested.  It's interesting to see how for some chromosomes, I inherited them fully from her (chromosome 3), while on others, it looks like I inherited all of my DNA from my grandfather(chromosomes 6, 13, 14, 22).
  • Hillel and Hinda Diamond Two cousins' DNA is included in this analysis--and they're from a branch of the family I only found because of DNA!  (Read about how my grandfather's aunt didn't die in the Holocaust like we'd thought here.)  Beth is a second cousin to my father, and Dave is her nephew.
Descendants of Hillel & Hinda Diamond whose DNA is included; tested individuals in yellow
  • Yechiel & Kreina Suttleman.  My great-great grandfather Yechiel Suttleman was married three times; descendants of two of his wives have tested--my grandfather's first cousins George and Mitzi and his half first cousin Ina.  Any segments I share with Ina can be attributed to Yechiel alone; those only shared with George or Mitzi could be from either of our mutual ancestors Yechiel and Kreina.  I had to tweak the raw data to make sure that Yechiel-only segments were shown and not covered by Yechiel & Kreina segments.  I find it fascinating that a huge amount of my Chromosome 13 came from one great-great grandfather, Yechiel Suttleman.
Descendants of Yechiel Suttleman whose DNA is included; tested individuals in yellow

Maternal Side

  • Josef & Esther Joshowitz / Shmuel Hirsch & Roza Eizikovics.  On my mother's mother's side, three people were included in the analysis--my grandmother's sister Ruth, my mother's first cousin Scott, and cousin Judith.  Note that both of Judith's paternal grandparents were Eizikovics individuals, first cousins to one another.  So she is a third cousin to my mother in two different ways.  Segments that Judith shares with me can be attributed to my great-great-great grandparents Shmuel Hirsch & Roza Eizikovics.  Segments that Ruth and/or Scott share with me that are not shared with Judith can be attributed to my great grandparents, Josef and Esther Joshowitz.
Descendants of Shmuel Hirsch & Roza Eizikovics whose DNA is included; tested individuals in yellow
  • Yehoshua Zev & Mira Lefand.  My great-great-great grandmother Mira Halperin Lefand Marienhoff was married twice, and descendants of both husbands have tested.  My grandfather Lou Tolchin was second cousins to both Myron and Ken and a half second cousin to Sue.  Myron's niece Sara has tested as well.  Since Sue is connected to me only through Mira, any shared DNA can be attributed to Mira.  DNA shared with the other three can be attributed to either Mira or her first husband Yehoshua Lefand.  Again I had to play with the raw data to make sure that Sue's segments would be visible.
Descendants of Mira Halperin Lefand Marienhoff whose DNA is included; tested individuals in yellow
  • Yeshaya & Zlota Tzipra Supkoff.  Two descendants of my Supkoff great-great grandparents were included in the analysis.  Pat is a second cousin to my mother (and the source of my mother's hand-me-down clothing growing up).  Ben is my third cousin.
Descendants of Yeshaya & Zlota Tzipra Supkoff whose DNA is included; tested individuals in yellow
While I've been able to attribute more segments to specific ancestors as more people have tested, I'm still not done.  Any cousin's testing would likely add more insight, but I'd love if some Tolchin-side cousins would test so that I can start mapping out the Tolchinsky contribution to my genes.  And some more Joshowitz cousins.  Anyone?

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  1. I really want to try this out, but need many more cousins to test! Maybe in a year or two...