Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Rutners Down Under, 17 Years in the Making

I've searched through JewishGen's SIG Discussion Group Archives before.  But every so often I search again and try to use spelling variations for surnames.  This time, I searched for Ruttner, with two Ts (rather than "Rutner" with one T).  And I got a "new" hit from 1999.
Archived Query on JewishGen

Dombo in particular is very near my Rutners' town, Kolodne--it is what is now Dubove, Ukraine.  And I have several instances of Rutners marrying Steinmetzes and Berkovicses.  So I emailed the poster, a man named Ron in Australia--and immediately got a bounceback, as the 17-year-old email was no longer active.  But a little bit of Googling found an active address, so I tried again.  I got a response almost immediately.

I responded with some of the Berkovicses and Steinmetzes that I have in my tree.  And the response I received told me how we were connected.

Bluma Steinmetz and Ezra Berkovics were on my tree.  And I knew who Bluma's parents were:
Marriage of Eizik Steinmetz & Szura Rutner
Eizik and Szura Rutner Steinmetz were married in September 1887.  Szura's parents are given as Mendel and Jita Rutner--my great-great-great grandparents.  Szura was a sister to my great-great grandfather Shmuel Moshe.
My Relationship to Ron

So Ron and I are third cousins once removed!

So never give up and don't disregard long-ago online postings; you could find new relatives!

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  1. How exciting for you and your Aussie cousin to find each other after such an old breadcrumb.

  2. This is very cool! Thanks for sharing - it's inspiring.

  3. Where there is a will - there is a way! Congrats!!!