Thursday, February 2, 2017

Extending the Extended Garber Family

I haven't had much documentation on my Garber family.  Per my grandmother, her maternal grandmother's name was Devorah Garber Fine who died around 1935 in what's now Shklyn, Ukraine.  Devorah had a brother Nathan who came to America, and his descendants were some of the few relatives that my grandmother had after she survived the Holocaust.  Since Nathan died in America, I was able to find his gravestone and death certificate and learned that my great-great-great grandparents were Chaim Asher and Chaya (nee Veiner) Garber and that they lived in Torchin.  But now I have more information about the Garber family.
Garber Family, Lutsk County Recruiting Department, Torchin Recruiting District, 1859-1862, Page 1

This is a list from the Torchin Recruiting District of the Lutsk County Recruiting Department, so only males are listed; it is from the period 1859-1862; the precise date of this list isn't known.

The head of household was Simcha Leib Garber (son of Gedalia), aged 54.  Also registered in his house were:
  • His son Chaim Asher (my great-great-great grandfather!), aged 22
  • A second son Peisach, aged 18
  • A nephew Peisach Sher (son of Berko) Kesler who had been recruited in 1854
    • Peisach Sher's uncle Lejbko who had been recruited from Zhitomer in 1839
    • Lejbko's son Dovid, aged 21
      • Dovid’s uncle – Eizik (son of Moshe) Kesler, aged 36
        • Eizik's son Ios, aged 2

The family actually lived in Berezhnitsa rather than in Torchin itself.
Garber Family, Lutsk County Recruiting Department, Torchin Recruiting District, 1859-1862, Page 2 (information about military service)

The head of the household is my great-great-great-great grandfather, and it also mentions my ggggg grandfather thanks to the patronymic.  Simcha Leib would have been born about 1805, which means that Gedalia was born at some point in the 18th century!

It's unclear at this point if Peisach Sher Kesler was the son of a sister of Simcha Leib or a sibling of Simcha Leib's unnamed wife.  I wonder if perhaps Chaim Asher's maternal grandfather was Peisach, with 2 grandsons named for him.  I'll need to figure this out!

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  1. Where did you manage to dig this record up?

    1. I hired a local researcher to look for my family names in the Lutsk archives. This was one of the things he found.

  2. Hi Lara! You have a really fantastic blog I'm glad to have come across. There's so much to learn from the research quests you share here. There's a question I had and emailed to you. --Ben

  3. And the patronymic for the win! That's fantastic that you're able to learn about the preceding generation, too.