Sunday, June 18, 2017

Uncle Leibish's Grandson--With DNA Proof

I've been trying to find my grandfather's Uncle Leibish for a while (see here, here, here, and here).  About 6 weeks ago, I wrote about how I found his grandson.  Well, not only have I met his grandson, but I have genetic proof of our relationship (which also allows me to identify more Diamond-specific DNA).
Me with Uncle Leibish's Grandson

I was in California for Genealogy Jamboree last week--and Uncle Leibish's grandson and his wife drove him from his home about an hour away from Burbank.  It was wonderful to meet him and exchange stories about our family.  At that point, his Y37 results had come in, and my father showed up on his list of matches--with a distance of 3 mutations.

And then his FamilyFinder came in:
Uncle Leibish's Shared Segments with Second Cousins
He is second cousin to my father, my father's siblings, and my father's first cousins.  And look at all of that wonderful shared DNA inherited from my great-great grandparents, Hillel & Hinda Diamond!

It's always nice to have the paper trail backed up by DNA.  And this confirmed it all.

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  1. Always a great feeling to have the genetic proof in your pocket, too. Congrats on your meeting!

  2. wonderful news,
    what DNA Test kit did you use (i have used Ancestry and Family - but, with very limited results)

  3. Wonderful when you first mentioned all this, but to meet AND have genetic proof, too, is the icing on the cake!

    You go girl . . .

  4. Amazing work Lara! Just curious, when it says aunt , uncle, father's first cousin, do you also know who they are? If so, am I or any of my siblings there?

    1. Yup. You are one of the first cousins and your sister is the other.

  5. I have tested with 23 and me, Ancestry, and uploaded to MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA, and Gedmatch. I have many Jewish matches, and incidentally, some Diamond matches as well. What would you suggest I do to start connecting the dots with regards to my Family tree? I have a lot of unknowns, name changes, etc. and am suspecting Shoah survivors after speaking with several of these matches. Where do I begin to connect the dots? Any tips would be much appreciated!

    1. With Jewish DNA, remember that many of those matches may be due to endogamy and may be much further than the predictions. What makes you "suspect Shoah survivors"?

      DNA is only one tool in your genealogical toolkit. What sort of traditional document-based research have you done?