Monday, April 22, 2019

Supcoff/Soupcoff - DNA Proof

I've been trying for years to connect the Soupcoff family who ended up in Pittsburgh with my Supkoff family, who also ended up in Pittsburgh.  My grandfather had been told that they were some kind of cousins, but he didn't know how.  I've extensively researched both lines but never found that link, although it did appear that both lines had originally been Zubkis.  Recently, with records that Alex Krakovsky has been putting online, I found references to various Zubkis families.  In September, I wrote about a document I found enumerating a Zubko family in Gaysin in 1850, adjacent to the town of Kuna where my Zubkis family lived.  I was pretty sure that the Gershko who headed this household was the brother of my 4th great grandfather.
Zubka Family, 1850, Gaysin

Enumerated in this family was an infant, Moshe-Aron son of Nachman-Itzik.  And I realized later that I knew a Moshe-Aron son of Nachman, who was the same age as this child:
Morris Soupcoff Grave, Pittsburgh
Morris Soupcoff, the patriarch of the Pittsburgh Soupcoff's, was buried in Pittsburgh, and his grave gave his name as Moshe Aharon son of Nachman.  Seems that he was the infant in the above census!  But could I definitely prove that this Zubko family was related to my Zubkis family, the next town over?

Enter one of the best genealogical tools out there:  Google.  In November, I got an email from a Soupcoff descendant who had found one of my blog posts on that family.  We shared some information.  And he mentioned an uncle whose surname was Soupcoff.  I asked if his uncle would be willing to take a DNA test--both an autosomal and a y--and in January he agreed.

I'd already tested a known Supkoff male descendant a few years ago.  He has very few matches, even at only 37 markers.  But look who his new closest match is:
Soupcoff Y match
Autosomally, there's nothing really exciting.  A lot of my Supkoff descendant kits do share DNA with this Soupcoff, but with endogamy (since these are all Ashkenazic Jews), that wouldn't be unexpected, even if there were no true connection.  (And this Soupcoff is at closest a 5th cousin to the rest of the people I have tested.)  But oh, that Y!

This is the final bit of proof to connect these families together, and which definitively brings my Zubkis/Zubko/Supkoff/Soupcoff ancestry back into at least 1755!

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