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Town Finding Aid Created for Novohrad-Volynskyi District Revision Lists on Krakovsky Website

At the recent IAJGS conference, I spoke to Ellen Shindelman Kowitt.  Ellen mentioned an incredible project she is undertaking, which led to her obtaining images of records not just for her towns of interest but for many towns in the area.  As a result of this conversation, I'm pleased to have Ellen as a guest blogger today where she talks about the towns covered by these records and how you can find records for your own family's towns, if you're fortunate enough to have had family from this area.  While most of the records are Jewish-focused, there are a reasonable number of records for non-Jews who lived in these towns as well! Without further ado, here's Ellen!

Town Finding Aid Created for Novohrad-Volynskyi District Revision Lists on Krakovsky Website

By guest blogger Ellen Shindelman Kowitt,

If you’re interested in Russian-Era Revision Lists circa 1816-1868 for the city of Novohrad-Volynskyi, Ukraine and nearby towns, this article directs you to the exact pages that records for your town are found within nine Revision List books that have been digitized and are available on Alex
Krakovsky’s website (Єврейське_містечко#Новоград-Волинський_повіт).  Not all of the pages in these books include Jewish surnames, but the index identifies exactly where the pages with Jews within each town are located. These are not surname indices – just a finding aid to where within over 9000 digitized pages, you can browse Russian-language records for the following 13 towns:

Baranivka - @243 pages in 7 books
Berezdiv - @253 pages in 8 books
Horodnytsia - @843 pages in 7 books
Korets - @938 pages in 8 books
Krasnostav – @365+ pages in 8 books
Liubar – @918 pages in 8 books
Myropil - @267 pages in 7 books
Nova Chortoryia - @59 pages in 5 books
Novohrad-Volynskyi City -@890 pages in 7 books
Ostropil - @341 pages in 6 books
Polonne - @816 pages in 8 books
Rohachiv - @172 pages in 7 books
Romaniv - @89 pages in 7 books

Towns Covered in Revision Lists

Alex Krakovsky's "Jewish Towns" Wiki website (Єврейське_містечко#Новоград-Волинський_повіт) is in Ukrainian, but if you open the URL using a Chrome Browser, the titles (and archival file locations) of these record books, organized by province/county/district, will be loosely translated into English. There you will find links to download images for each book and can browse the handwritten Cyrillic Russian script. Over 1500 record books from Ukrainian archives, containing hundreds of thousands of pages of vital records,
revision lists, tax lists, Jewish community registers, and more for the guberniyas/provinces/regions of Volyn, Transcarpathia, Katerynoslav, Kiev, Podolsk, Poltava, Stanislaw, and Kherson have been digitized and can be viewed page-by-page, for free. Know that most of these do not contain town index finding aids in English though, and that's what makes the following town page index so valuable for the Novohrad-Volynskyi District Revision Lists!

  • File 118-14-172 found in "3.6 Novograd-Volyn District"
    • Jewish 1816 Revision List and Supplements of 1817, 1818, 1821, 1827
      • Novohrad-Volynskyi City 1-147; Polonne 148-240; Ostropil 241-297; Berezdiv 299-335; Liubar 335-478; Baranivka 479-517; Rohachiv 519-548; Nova Chortoryia 549-564; Romaniv 565-582; Myropil 583-612; Krasnostav 623-641; Korets 642-752; and Horodnytsia 753-770
  • File 118-14-181 found in "3.6 Novograd-Volyn District"
    • Jewish 1834 Revision List and Supplements 
      • Novograd-Volynskyi 1-163; Baranivka 164-213; Berezdivka 214-275; Horodnytsia 276-302; Korets 303-494; Krasnavost 495-
  • File 118-14-187 found in "3.6 Novograd-Volyn District"
    • Jewish 1834 Revision List and Supplements 
      • Liubar 3–203; Myropil 210-270; Ostropil 271-343; Polonne 344-540; Rohachiv 541-576; Romaniv 577-598; Nova Chortoryia 599-615.
  • File 118-14-197  found in "3.6 Novograd-Volyn District"
    • Jewish 1850 Revision List and Supplements
      • Novohrad-Volynskyi City 1-204; Baranivka 205-247 and sigs -270; Berezdiv 271-335; Horodnytsia 336-369; Krasnostav 370-399; Korets 400-666; Liubar 667–821 and 852-876; Rohachiv 822-851; Myropil 877-sigs 934; Ostropil 944-1011; and Polonne 1012-1281
  • File 118-14-195 found in "3.6 Novograd-Volyn District"
    • Jewish Supplemental Lists 1851-1857
      • Novohrad-Volynskyi, no Jews listed 1-84; Krasnostav Jews 85-88; Romaniv Jews 89-95; Liubar Jews 96-103; town undetermined one Jew 104-108; Ostropil Jews 109-112; Polonne Jews 113-128; Ostropil Jews 129-139; Liubar Jews 140-143; Horodnytsia Jews 144-147; Ostropil Jews 148-151; Horodnytsia Jews 152-155; Berezdiv Jews 156-162; Romaniv Jews 163-165; Polonne Jews 166-182; Ostropil Jews 183-193; Baranivka Jews 194-200; Korets Jews 201-203; Ostropil non-Jews 204-210; Liubar non-Jews 211-?; Non-Jews through to end at 314.
  • File 118-14-207 found in "3.6 Novograd-Volyn District"
    • Jewish 1858 Revision List
      • Novohrad-Volynskyi City 6-198; Korets 199-450; Polonne 450-620; Myropil 621-693; Rohachiv 694 -736; Berezdiv 737-784; Baranivka 785-845; Romaniv 847-868; Krasnostav 870-889; Horodnytsia 891-926; Nova Chortoryia 928-943; Liubar 944-1223.
  • File 118-14-209 found in "3.6 Novograd-Volyn District" 
    • Jewish 1858 Revision Lists and Supplements
      • Novohrad-Volynskyi City 1-159; Myropil 160-169; Krasnostav 170-183; Korets 184-233; Horodnytsia 234-249; Berezdiv 250-263; Rohachiv 264-279; Baranivka 280-291; Polonne 292-327; move from Liubar to Polonne 328; Myropil 330-343; Romaniv 344-351; Nova Chortoryia 352-356; Liubar 357-360; Korets again 361-364; Liubar again 365-437; Ostropil 438-545; Novohrad-Volynskyi City Christians 546-549; Baranovka Jews 550-555; Discharged Soldiers – town not given, just the Novogrod Volinski district 556-564; Ostropil Jewish soldier 565-567; soldiers –town not given 568-618 – some listed with a town; Liubar Jews 617-618; Myropil Jews 619-620; Korets Jews 621-622; Ostropil Non-Jews 623-633; Non-Jews 634-642; Soldiers 643-.
  • File 118-14-221 found in "3.6 Novograd-Volyn District"
    • Jewish Supplemental Lists to the 1858 Revision dated from 1862-1868
      • Novohrad-Volynskyi City 217-227; Baranivka 228-229; Berezdiv 230-231; Rohachiv 232-242; Korets 243-258; Romaniv 259-264; Myropil 265-268; Horodnytsia 269-272; Ostropil 273-275; Polonne 276-278; Nova Chortoryia 279-283; Liubar 284-290; Krasnostav 291-294; Berezdiv – 44 families 295-306; and Korets 307-311.
  • *As a bonus, there are also page numbers for records in the following 1862 Supplement book for additional towns in the Uyezds of Zhytomyr, Ovruch, Zaslav, Rovno, Ostrog, Kunev, and Starokonstantinov:
    • File 118-14-319 listed in " 3 Volyn Province"
      • Jewish Supplements to the 1858 Revision dated from 1862-1868
        • Zhytomyr Uyezd 5; Zhytomyr city 6; Kodnya 135; Chudniv 143; Pyatka 154; Levkov 158; Chervone 163; Goroshkov 167; Ivnytsia 173; Chernyakhov 176; [*tzana] – not sure of reading 180; Ovruch Uyezd 182; Ovruch city 183; Lipin 191; Norinsk 198; Narodychi Tzekhovikh 200; not sure of reading 205; Olev 207; Zaslav Uyezd 211; Zaslav city 212; Sudylkiv 229; Hritsiv 235; Kornytsya 238; Labun 241; Slavuta 244; Rovno city (in Rovno uyezd) 247; Alexandria 252; Mezheritz 256; Dombrovitza 260; Ostrog Uyezd 267; Kolonia Novopodolski 268; Ostrog city 272; Annopol 277; Kunev Uyezd towns not indexed 291-317; Novohrad-Volynskyi Uyezd 318; NV city 319; Polonne 331; Korets 343; Liubar 379; Rohachiv 394; Berezdiv 400; Romaniv 406; Myropil 409; Krasnostav 415; Starokonstantinov Uyezd 424; Starokonostantinov city 434; Bazaliya 448; Kulchiny 459; Kuzmin 467; Krasilov 470; Kremenitz Uyezd towns not indexed 482-566; Dubno Uyezd towns not indexed 567-614; Lutsk Uyezd towns not indexed 615-677; Volodymyr Volynskyy Uyezd towns not indexed 678-834; Kovel uyezd towns not indexed 835-925.

It takes a village for completing a project this large. Great thanks to members of the Liubar/Lyubar Town Research Group who generously funded the initial acquisition of digital images for these 9 record books from the Zhytomir State Archives at a cost of 8 cents per page. Stay tuned, as we're
working on getting more!  (If you would like to donate, contact Ellen.)

Thanks to Alex Krakovsky who expertly assisted in obtaining these records during my visit to Ukraine in June, and whom graciously hosts these images on his website. His dedication to records access in Ukraine and contributions to the world of Jewish genealogy are a gift.

Tremendous thanks and kudos to volunteer Deborah Glassman, who partnered with us to create this town finding aid by paging through over 9,000 images and translating town names from Russian into English. Her commitment, efficiency, and generosity are an outstanding example for us all. And if
you're researching the towns of LYUBAR and OSTROPOL, then you've hit the genealogy jackpot, as Deb is also creating a second index to these records BY SURNAME. These "Head of Household Indexes" will launch soon on the Lyubar KehilaLinks website at and on The Jewish Families of Ostropol website at

Now that we've acquired these records and told you exactly which pages to look for your town, other town leaders for the remaining 11 towns in the Novohrad-Volynskyi District Revision Lists are encouraged to organize surname indexing projects. Contact me if you’re interested in following our
successful project example for fundraising and translation, or if you want to volunteer to transcribe Russian script. At this time though, there are no town leaders listed on Ukraine SIG for Berezdiv, Horodnytsia, Nova Chortoryia, Polonne, Rohachiv, and Romaniv, so newcomers don't be afraid to
jump in and adopt a town! We need your help.

And warm thanks to Lara for the opportunity to write a guest post here on Jewnealogy!

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt
Lyubar Town Leader -
Novograd-Volynsk Yizkor Book Project Lead -

Happy hunting to everyone!  And thanks to Ellen for spearheading this effort.  Too bad my family is from a few districts over, in Vladimir-Volynskyi!

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  1. Kudos to Ellen and "her village" for this town finding aid.

  2. WOW, what an amazing gift. A huge thanks to all involved. I'm just sorry my family isn't from that area! Good luck to others who will hit the jackpot with these invaluable records.