Sunday, May 31, 2020

Preschool Pal Leads to Genealogical Find

Did you ever think that a preschool classmate's blog post would give you information about your own family?  Well, it's happened to me.

Elli Fischer writes on HaMapah, which "aims to bring modern tools of quantitative and geographic analysis to Rabbinic literature."  It's definitely worth checking out.  His latest post in particular caught my eye because it involved Fels√∂ Neresznicze, Hungary (now Novoselytsya, Ukraine), the town where my Fuchs family lived for generations and discussed the story behind the publication of a book coordinated by someone from that town.  Elli writes about the prenumeraten in this book, subscriptions that people paid for to help fund the book's publication.  And since the coordinator lived in Novoselytysa, it's clear that some people from that town would have subscribed.
Subscribers from Novoselytsya

Most of the donors' surnames aren't given (we just have their given names and those of their fathers).  But a few jump out, and I know who they are:
  • The very first person on the list is Moshe Dovid son of Gershon (David Fuchs).  This is my great-great-great grandfather's brother.  (By the time this book was published, my ggg grandfather had been dead for at least a decade, so I wouldn't expect to see him here.)
  • Efraim Bistricer and his son Avraham Asher.  Avraham Asher (Froim and Abraham Ancel in the town's records) Bistricer married Beila Rutner-Kahan, my second cousin once removed.
  • Dovid son of Yitzchak Menachem (another David Fuchs) was my fourth cousin once removed
I may be related to some of the others, but with no surnames and common given names, I cannot be sure.

Oh--and if anyone needs proof that two budding genealogists partied together back in the day, here's photographic proof.

Two Junior Genealogists.  I'm circled in red to the left.  Elli is the birthday boy

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