Sunday, May 17, 2020

David Ruttner in the (1857) News!

As more and more foreign newspapers come online, I've been pleasantly surprised to find my ancestors mentioned.  Earlier, I wrote about how my 4th great grandfather's land was listed as about to be taken by eminent domain.  And a new article came online on Arcanum Digitheca giving a bit more information about what he could have done from there to try to keep his land.
Pest Napló, January 1857, Page 94

In January, 1857, my 4th great grandfather, David Rutner, appeared in Pest Napló as Dávid Ruthner.

It does not give a ton of new information, but it does give a bit, which is a wonderful bit of insight into an ancestor who was born in the 18th century!
This official advertisement listed several people and associated properties that were going to be taken by the government.  It talks about Dávid Ruthner of Darva (now Kolodne, Ukraine), who owned leased properties.  That property was to be seized, and he had until March 31 to register for a June 6th hearing at the Imperial and Royal Court of Máramaros County.

Did he register?  Did I have an ancestor who had a hearing at an Imperial and Royal Court?  I don't know.  But when things start opening up in the area, I'm going to see if I can find out if any documentation might still exist of this hearing!
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  1. When the government returns the property to you as heiress, you can open as the Corona Resort and Spa, LLC. Catchy name?

  2. You're fortunate that you're researching names that are less common than NEUMANN, MOSKOVITS,BERKOVITS, and KAHAN!

    1. Oh, I have FUCHS and JOSZOVICS. But paring them with town names can still find them. :)