Sunday, February 9, 2020

David Rutner's Land, Taken by the Government

My great-great-great-great grandfather was Dovid Rutner.  I knew that he owned some land as of 1865, per a cadastral map.  But it looks like he owned land in 1857 as well, but that land was taken by the government via a Hungarian version of eminent domain.
Budapesti Hírlap, January 28, 1857

Again using the awesome site Arcanum Digitheca that I mentioned last week, I found that in the January 28, 1857 edition of Budapesti Hírlap, there was an announcement that the following list of people were to have their lands taken by the government.  Instructions are given for appeals and for compensation.  And there is a familiar name on that list.

Budapesti Hírlap, January 28, 1857 - Some Names
David "Ruther" of Darva (now Kolodne) lost 3/8 of a jtelek, which Toth Levente tells me stands for "jobbagytelek", which he says translated word by word is willein parcel (a parcel that can be cultivated/worked by a willein/day).  His compensation was 112 forint and 30 kroner.

Did he use this compensation to buy the land I know he owned in 1865?  Or did he own multiple plots of land throughout the 1850s?  I don't know at this point.  But I do know that this is now my third direct ancestor, all on different lines, to have land taken from them by various governments!

Maybe I should start renting.

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