Sunday, February 2, 2020

My Patriotic 4th Great Grandfather (and an incredible site for Hungarian historical research)

My 4th great grandfather was David Rutner of Kolodne (then Darva). I've now learned that he was a patriotic Hungarian--via a really cool site.
Donations to the Patriotic Cause (Hungarian War of Independence), including David Rutner
The April 13, 1849 edition of Közlöny ("Bulletin") lists people who gave patriotic donations to help the cause of the war (the Hungarian Revolution).  My great-great-great-great grandfather, David Rutner, was listed as having contributed a silver cup worth 11 lat to the cause.

I've written about David Rutner before.  I knew he was at least not destitute, because he owned land in 1865. (And I found out more about his land on this awesome site; I'll be writing about that in a future post.)  But this tells us that he had enough "extra" to have a silver cup that he could contribute--and that he felt strongly enough about Hungary to contribute.

Donations to the Patriotic Cause (Hungarian War of Independence), including David Rutner

If you have Hungarian ancestry, check out Arcanum Digitheca.  Although if you want to see the original documents, you need to pay (by the day, month, 6-month or year subscription), you can search for free to see if they have anything about your family.  This site has tons of old newspapers, journals and more--all digitized and searchable.  And although the documents are all in Hungarian (no, Hungarian newspapers didn't tend to be published in English!), you can copy the words straight out of the image and paste into Google Translate, for a reasonable translation, or at least a gist of what a document says.

Good luck and happy Hungarian searching!

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  1. Lara, thank you for bringing this site to my attention - I think I found something already!

  2. Incredible website! I got over 1,000 hits for the unique surname Bergida.