Sunday, November 8, 2020

Nezhin Family Lists

FamilySearch has images of many records from my ancestral town of Nezhin (and, in fact, for most of the former Chernigov Guberniya).  I've already made an index to Nezhin metrical records that are available online, but there are also various Jewish family lists (usually for taxation purposes,  essentially censuses) available online.

The FamilySearch catalog lists what years the records supposedly are from, but some are actually from years other than what is in the catalog.  These records cover both the town of Nezhin as well as multiple small villages in Nezhin Uezd (district)

Marienhoff Family in 1888 (and this is only the first page of their entry); my gg grandmother is the 17-year-old

If you have family from Nezhin Uezd (district), you can browse through these lists online.  No, they are not in English.  But they're structured, so if you know what your family's surname looks like in Russian, you can look for it in the records.  You will need a (free) account to see the images.

Here is what is available:

Nezhin District Family Lists

1882 list
hereCatalog says 1882 (but is wrong)
1882 list continued
hereContinuation of above
1882 again       
hereMuch duplication of the above, but some new families too
1904 listhereCatalog says 1882 (but is wrong)
1909 list
hereCatalog says 1906 (but is wrong)

If you know of other online Nezhin resources, please let me know in the comments!

And if you want to know if there are similar resources on FamilySearch for your own towns, here is a tutorial on how to see what they have for a particular town/area.

Happy hunting!

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