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My Great-Great Grandfather's Russian Signature, and the Losinovka Jewish School

One of the cases I found reference to on j-roots was a 1903 list of those who voted for board members for the Jewish school of Losinovka.  Although my Tolchinsky family wasn't referenced in the title, since Losinovka was a village, I figured anything about its Jewish community had a pretty good chance of including something about my family.  I was not disappointed.

My Great-Great Grandfather's Signature

Twenty-six men signed the application.  Two of those twenty-six men were Tolchinskys.  One of those was my great-great grandfather Hillel Tolchinsky; the other was his brother Hirsch.  Another signatory was Simon Shastik, who was married to their sister Yocheved.

Now, I had Hillel's signature before--but not in Russian.

Hillel Tolchinsky's Signature on United States Naturalization

When Hillel petitioned to become a citizen of the United States in 1927, he again signed his name, but in English.  You can see similarities in his 'K,' and there is a definite Cyrillic influence to his English handwriting.

Hillel and Hirsch Tolchinsky aren't the only signatories to this document.  Hopefully others whose family was from Losinovka will find this via Google!  Thanks to Мария Голик on the Genealogical Translations Facebook group for deciphering the signatures and creating the first column on the below table.  The entire document is available on Alex Krakovsky's wiki here.

Name as given in documentSurname (Russian)Given Name (Russian)Father's name (Russian)Surname (English)Given Name (English)Father's Name (English)
Азбель Герш,сын ЛейвикаАзбельГершЛейвикаAzbelGershLeivika
Азбель Мойсей Айзик, сын ГиршаАзбельМойсей АйзикГиршаAzbelMoisey IsikHirsha
Агре Мойсей, сын ЙоселяАгреМойсейЙоселяAgreMosesYosel
Богатырёв Елиель, сын ГершаБогатырёвЕлиельГершаBogatyryovElielGersha
Брагинский Арон Ошер, сын Шмуиля-ДавидаБрагинскийАрон ОшерШмуиля-ДавидаBraginskyAron OsherShmuil-David
Брагинский Шмуиль Давид, сын Юдель- БорухаБрагинскийШмуиль ДавидЮдель- БорухаBraginskyShmuil DavidYudel-Borukha
Горный Шмера, сын ЛейбаГорныйШмераЛейбаGornySchmeraLeiba
Гутман Залман Давид, сын ИцкаГутманЗалман ДавидИцкаGutmanZalman DavidItska
Донской Янкель,сын ЕвсеяДонскойЯнкельЕвсеяDonskoyYankelEvsey
Зак Нохим, сын ДавидаЗакНохимДавидаZakNochimDavid
Зингер Давид, сын ЯнкеляЗингерДавидЯнкеляZingerDavidYankel
Левицкий Мойсей Бер, сын ЗалманаЛевицкийМойсей БерЗалманаLevitskyMozes BerZalman
Лившиц Гирш Овсей, сын ИцкаЛившицГирш ОвсейИцкаLivshitsHirsh OvseyItska
Лившиц Овсей, сын ГиршаЛившицОвсейГиршаLivshitsOvseyHirsha
Мандрусов Герш, сын БеркаМандрусовГершБеркаMandrusovGershBerka
Некритин Симон, сын ЯнкеляНекритинСимонЯнкеляNekritinSimonYankel
Ремесницкий Авраам,сын МеераРемесницкийАвраамМеераRemesnitskyAbrahamMeera
Розенфельд Шлама, сын ЛейбаРозенфельдШламаЛейбаRosenfeldShlamaLeiba
Слонимский Гилель, сын ДавидаСлонимскийГилельДавидаSlonimskyHillelDavid
Слонимский Иосиф, сын ДавидаСлонимскийИосифДавидаSlonimskyJosephDavid
Слонимский Мендель,сын ВульфаСлонимскийМендельВульфаSlonimskyMendelVolf
Тёмкин Залман, сын ВульфаТёмкинЗалманВульфаTyomkinZalmanVolf
Толчинский Герш, сын СимонаТолчинскийГершСимонаTolchinskyGershSimon
Толчинский Гилель, сын СимонаТолчинскийГилельСимонаTolchinskyHillelSimon
Ходаков Мендель, сын ЭлияХодаковМендельЭлияKhodakovMendelElia
Шостак Симон, сын АронШостакСимонАронShostakSimonAron

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  1. I'm a bit perplexed by the patronymic translations. Some are transliterated in Nom. and others in Gen. (Leyvik vs Leyvika) Some with G's and pthers with H's (Girsh vs Hirsh)

    1. It's enough to be able to know the names, so this English speaker is happy with whatever format the transliteration takes! :)