Sunday, January 30, 2022

Using DNA Painter - When You're Jewish

DNA Painter is a very cool tool that allows you to visualize DNA that you inherited from specific ancestors.  But when you're from an endogamous population like I am, there are some potential pitfalls for which you need to account.

DNA I Inherited From Different Ancestors

I've written a guest post on DNA Painter's blog that discusses some of the strategies that I take--and why I need to take them.  You can read it at then use the tips to paint your own chromosomes!

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  1. Great blog, Lara. I've been using DNA Painter for a while and have found multiple examples similar to the one you describe with your cousin Karen. It's annoying but hasn't stopped me from using the tool for new matches.

  2. I appreciate this as DNA Painter looks very helpful, but there was always the disclaimer about not using it with endogamous populations. Thanks for, "coming to the rescue!"