Tuesday, March 10, 2015

CSI: Nezhin

I've posted about the first pages in an 1899 court document regarding my Tolchinsky family here and here.  Gersh Tolchinsky (half brother of my great-great grandfather Hillel) had debts, and his family's samovars were taken to pay those debts--however this document was entered into evidence to show that Gersh did not own the samovars.
Tolchinsky Court Case Evidence Page 1, 1897
/Official Stamp
five 5 kop.
January 15, 1897/

City of Nezhin, in the year eighteen hundred ninety seven, on the 15th day of January, I, the undersigned, townsperson Gersha Simonov Tolchinsky hereby submit the present act to townspersons Berko Simonov, Ekheva Simonova and Freida Meerova Tolchinskys, in order to confirm that I sell into their full possession my right on the one sixth of personal property, located in Chernigov Gubernia, Nezhinsky Uezd, in the town of Losinovka, in particular: 1) wooden house and barn, covered with straw; 2) double American topchan (type of bed); 3) threshing machine; 4) wool carder; 5) drying machine; 6) all horse harnesses, wagon, sleigh; 7) six chairs; 8) 2 samovars and all furniture that remains, all of which are left after the death of my father Simon Naftolievich Tolchinsky, for the amount of … forty eight rubles, that I received in its entirety.

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