Sunday, March 15, 2015

There Goes the Inheritance

I've posted about the first pages in an 1899 court document regarding my Tolchinsky family herehere and here.  Gersh Tolchinsky (half brother of my great-great grandfather Hillel) had debts, and his family's samovars were taken to pay those debts--however the family entered an 1897 document into evidence to show that Gersh did not own the samovars and in fact had signed them and other property over to his mother and two of his siblings in 1897 for 48 rubles.  This is the second half of that 1897 document.
Gersh Tolchinsky Inheritance Relinquishment; 1897; Nezhin, Russian Empire

Translation below:

Before the present act, this right of inheritance was never sold by me, nor was contested, and the buyers have a right to use this right as they please. 
Townsperson Gersha Symonov Tolchinsky.
Added on the first page under the ninth line on the top “the right for the one sixth” is correct.
Gersha Symonov Tolchinsky personally and in full legal capacity? to produce such acts... Townsperson Gersha Symonov Tolchinsky is certified by townsperson Nokhman Meerov Koltonovsky. Townsperson Ivan Pavlov Zolotor...

/Stamp of the Notary Public with handwritten text filled in/
In the year of eighteen hundred ninety seven, on the 15th day of January, this act was presented to me, Mikhail Pavlovich Shepelev, Notary Public of the City of Nezhin, in my office, 2nd part of Gogolevsky [street], in the house of U. Bogoslovskaya [ owner ], by townsperson Gersha Simonov Tolchinsky, residing in the town of Losinovka, Nezhinsky Uezd, who is personally not known to me and whose person and legally binding force to commit this act are confirmed by above-signed witnesses.
To which, I, Notary Public, certify that this act was signed personally by the same townsperson Tolchinsky. Collected … [ some special tax ] in the amount of 10 kopeks according to Article 220.
Notary Public …

/Official Round Seal of the Notary Public/

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