Friday, March 6, 2015

Litigate Like It's 1899 - The Tolchinskys Go To Court

The Tolchinsky family was involved in a court case in Nezhin, Russian Empire (now Ukraine) in 1899. The case is slowly being translated and I can't wait to find out how it ends.  So far there are Cossacks and theft involved!

Tolchinsky Court Case; Nezhin; 1899; Page 1
The players:
  • (Risha) Freida (daughter of Meir) Tolchinsky, widow of my ggg grandfather Shimon; stepmother of my gg grandfather Hillel
  • Yocheved (Yekhva/Ekheva) Tolchinsky, daughter of Shimon and Freida Tolchinsky, later married to Shimon Shastik
  • Ber/Berka Tolchinsky and Gersh/Hersh Tolchinsky, sons of Shimon and Freida Tolchinsky
Translations thanks to Dan Khodorkovsky
17 June [?]Sheet No.
… N. 41[illegible] 36

of the Circuit Chaiperson of the 4th Circuit
Nezinsky Uezd

For the lawsuit of townspersons of the town of Losinovka Freida Meerova, Berka Simonov and Yekhva Simonova Tolchinskys against a Cossack of the village of Talyshevka Kiril Ivanov Bondarenko
for the exclusion of property from a list.

Began 15th May 1899.
Finished 17th June 1899.

On 6 sheets.


Tolchinsky 1899 Court Case, Page 2
To His Excellency
           Zemsky Chairperson
         of the 4th Circuit of Nezhinsky Uezd

Townspersons Freida Meerovna
Berka Symonov and Ekheva
Symonova Tolchinskys


On the 30th of April, 1899, in the morning, we were visited by County Chairperson and Village Chairperson. I, Ekheva, was met in the seni [anteroom] of the house, as I was carrying out for cleaning a large samovar, worth 15 silver rubles. They then proceeded to jerk the samovar out of my hands. Being stunned by this turn of events, I was not letting go, and the Chaiperson then proceeded to punch me in the chest; he wrested the samovar out of my hands and took it to his wagon. And when we began to scream and call out for people, the Chairperson brought in farmers Ivan Petrik and Filip Borovik in the capacity of witnesses? and proceeded to take the second samovar, worth 9 rubles and 80 kopeks,

To be continued....

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