Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ancestor Deep Dive: Rochel Brandman Sanshuck

My great-great-great grandmother, Rochel Brandman Sanshuck, was born about 1832 in what is now Krasnoye, Vinnitsa, Ukraine (then Podolia Guberniya).  Her parents were Yaakov and Tzipra Brandman.

Rochel had at least 3 siblings:
  1. Dov Ber Brandman, born about 1828, died April 9, 1844 in Krasnoye
  2. Golda Brandman, born about 1830, died November 15, 1852 in Krasnoye
  3. Pinchas Leib Brandman
On November 9, 1849, Rochel married Aryeh Leib Sanshuck in Krasnoye.
Leib Sanshuck & Rochel Brandman Marriage Record in Hebrew; Krasnoye; 1849
Leib Sanshuck & Rochel Brandman Marriage Record in Russian; Krasnoye; 1849
Rochel and Aryeh Leib had at least 3 children:
  1. Zlata Tzipra Sanshuck Supkoff (my great-great grandmother)
  2. Shneur-Zalman (Solomon in America) Supkoff
  3. Naftali Sanshuck
Rochel died before 1903 (and likely after 1897) based on the names of her granddaughters.

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