Sunday, July 5, 2015

Canadian Soupcoffs, Eh? (After a Stop in Pittsburgh)

Yet another branch of the Supkoff-but-spelled-differently family that I'm sure is connected but I don't know how--the Canadian Soupcoffs.

Frank Soupcoff (sometimes Soupkoff and Supkoff) was born about 1882 in "Russia;" his Hebrew name was Efrayim.  His father's name was Moshe based on the inscription on his tombstone; his mother may have been Rebekah (according to an unsourced website).

In 1903, Frank married Rachel Lebovitz; both were then living in Pittsburgh. Here it notes that Frank was born in Austria, although all other sources have him having born in Russia.
Frank & Rachel Soupcoff Marriage License; Pittsburgh, PA; 1903

Their daughter Mindel "Minnie" was born in 1904.  By 1906, they had moved to Carnegie, Pennsylvania, where their daughter Helen was born.
Hellen Soupkoff (later Helen Soupcoff) birth certificate; Carnegie, PA; 1906
In 1910, the family was still in Carnegie, but for some reason Frank was not enumerated with the rest of the family.
1910 United States Census; Carnegie, PA; Supkoff Family (lines 63-65)
Rachel was a 26-year-old washerwoman who had come to the United States in 1900.  She was living with Minnie and Helen, could not read or write, and was married to the missing Frank.
1921 Canada Census; Toronto, Ontario; Soupcoff Family (lines 16-22)
By 1921, the family was reunited and had moved (for an unknown reason) to Toronto.  The rest of the children (starting with 7-year-old Louis) are stated to have been born in Ontario--however the ages for Helen are very off, since the 1921 Canadian census states that she was 10, 5 years younger than her actual age.

The remaining children were Frank, Saddie (difficult to read) and Harry.

Frank died in 1953 in Toronto.
Frank Soupkoff Grave; Toronto, Canada


  1. You can find Marni Joanne Soupcoff from Canada M858237 on Gedmatch.
    Intresting I have matches with you and Marni Joanne, but I have matches with SANSHUCK Howard from FamilyTreeDna too. Possible Supcoff and SANSHUCK ancestors from same town?

    1. She uploaded to GedMatch after I contacted her.

      How good are the matches with you? How large is the largest segment?

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    1. Unfortunately numbers like that may just be due to endogamy.

      Thanks--I actually can read Russian names, but I appreciate the offer!