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Anna Soupcoff Lewis King Kehr, the "Beautiful Jewess"

Anna Soupcoff, one of the daughters of Morris and Mollie Soupcoff, made national headlines after she eloped with the son of a millionaire.

In 1900, Anna was an 18-year-old girl living with her family in Pittsburgh.  She had been born in February 1882 in "Russia," arrived in the United States in 1887, and was a "box maker," likely in her father's Keystone Box Company.
1900 United States Census; Pittsburgh, PA; Annie "Soupcof" (line 85)
But 8 years later, Anna left her family and headed west--and made the front page of the New York Press:

New York Press; June 19, 1908

In an article entitled "Poor Girl Wins Rich Heir," the New York Press talks about how Carlton O Lewis, whose father was the "millionaire head of the Lewis Foundry Company" married Anna Soupcoff "a bookkeeper in a downtown business office."  It stresses the difference in faiths and financial status between the two.
Oakland Tribune, July 1, 1908
The Oakland (California) Tribune also reported on the marriage.  It calls Anna a "beautiful young Jewess" and tells how Anna disappeared without telling her parents who did not hear from her until she was a married woman in Phoenix.

The Arizona Republican out of Phoenix reports on the marriage as well.
Arizona Republican, June 10, 1908
Apparently with 30 minutes of arriving in Phoenix, Anna and Carlton were married!

And how long did this marriage last?
1910 United States Census; Pittsburgh, PA; Anna Lewis (line 28)
Things didn't turn out as well as Anna & Carlton had hoped.  By 1910, 26-year-old Anna Lewis is back living with her parents in Pittsburgh.  When Morris died in 1917, Anna is mentioned in his obituary as being "Anna King."  By 1930 when her mother Mollie died, Anna is "Anna Soupcoff."  And she died as "Anna Kuhr" in 1952.
Anna Soupcoff Lewis King Kehr Grave

Anna Soupcoff Kehr Death Certificate; Pittsburgh, PA; 1952

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