Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Supkoff Family Memories--Guest Post

This guest post was written by Pat Silverman Rosson, my mother's second cousin.  The Aunt Mollie that she refers to was my great grandmother, Mollie Supkoff Tolchin, sister of Pat's grandfather Louis.
Supkoff Siblings
Back L to R: Saul, Mollie, Louis; Sitting L to R: Elka, Rose
As far back as I can remember, my Zaide, Louis Supkoff (formerly Zubkis) had white hair with a comb over and a stogie he may have never put down.  I remember his brother Saul and his sisters Aunts Elkie, Mollie and Rose . . . from visits back and forth and to a candy store to see Uncle Saul (maybe it had tobacco, too.)   I don’t remember his sister Aunt Fanny and Uncle Ben – I think they had moved to California already, but I do have their wedding picture.

Marriage of (first cousins) Frances "Fannie" Supkoff & Ben Supkoff

Aunt Rose was the most chic (and youngest) but I remember Aunt Mollie best, and I’m not sure why.  Maybe because her children Ruthie and Lou (note from Lara: my grandfather) were very close to my mother, Eleanor, and my mother’s sisters Lillian and Jeannette.  Eleanor was only 2 years older than Ruthie.  I think the closeness of the 1st cousins speaks to how close the brothers and sisters were.

Aunt Mollie gave me big wet kisses and was a cheek pincher.  I didn’t really like the pinching.  But she crocheted a gorgeous bridesmaid (maybe princess) doll for me and I had it until I gave it to Lara a couple of years ago.  I wonder if everybody got the same kisses and pinches or I got them because I was her big brother’s granddaughter.
Jeannette Supkoff as a Chief Petty Officer in the WAVES

There was a family story that Jeannette loved kishka. She also ate one thing at a time and saved the best for last.  I don’t remember my grandmother or her sisters making kishka, so it was probably Aunt Mollie.    Jeannette and family went to Aunt Mollie’s for dinner and Jeannette was overjoyed that she had made kishka.  She ate everything else and was ready to start the kishka.  Suddenly Aunt Mollie swooped in, “Oh, you don’t like kishka – I’ll give it to someone else.”  And the kishka disappeared.  Heartbreak.  
Note:  I can’t remember where we visited – Since Isadore died in 1937 and I was born in 1945, she was probably at their home in Pittsburgh with Lou until he married Minnie in 1948.  But when did she move to live with Ruthie and was she alone while Lou was in the service?  I remember being at Ruthie’s house when she lived there.  I don’t know how early that was, but I have clear memories from when I was in high school.  Karen looked like an angel and Sandy and I are almost the same age. (Note from Lara: I'm not sure, but in the 1940 census Mollie owned the house she and Lou lived in, and Israel "Buck" and Ruth Tolchin were renting space in the house as well, so perhaps she stayed there through WWII--we will see what the 1950 census reveals in 2022!  She did live with Ruth when she got older; Karen writes how she remembers those years here.)

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