Thursday, August 20, 2015

Zubaty Family--To Mid-1700s!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how in the 1858 Russian Empire Revision List, I'd identified a family that could be that of the father of Max Zubaty/Zoupcoff.  While I haven't yet been able to take that family forward to prove or disprove that it was Max's family (and how the Zubaty family are connected to my Zubkis family), I can now go further back with that family with a census from just 7 years earlier.
1851 Buki Revision List; Zubaty Family (#42)--males

  • Shevel Eveliovich (son of Evel) Zubaty, 49 at last revision/died in 1835
    • Shevel's son Itsko, 17 at last revision/now 34 
      • Itsko's son Mikhel, not yet born at last revision/now 7 
    • Shevel's 2nd son Zus,15 at last revision/died in 1837 
    • Shevel's 3rd son Srul, 8 at last revision/now 25
      • Srul's son Shevel, not yet born at last revision/now 4
    • Shevel's 4th son Ioylik, 6 at last revision/recruited in 1850

1851 Buki Revision List; Zubaty Family (#42)--females

  • Shevel's wife Chaya-Ita, 60
  • Itsko's wife Eta, 31
    • His daughter Leya, 2
  •  Srul's wife Chana, 24
    • His daughter Rochela, 3
This implies that Shevel would have been born about 1785.  Here, the father of Shevel is given as Evel--bringing that family back yet another generation (and connecting this family to some of the previously disconnected Zubatys) and likely to the mid-1700s.  But there's still no indication of a Zubkis/Zubaty connection from these records.

This is the first time I've seen the name Evel, and I'm not sure what the Hebrew equivalent would be (I was given the suggestion of Aba).  Any other ideas/suggestions?

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