Sunday, August 9, 2015

Zubatys of Buki

Last month, I finally figured out that the Zoupcoff family of Pittsburgh (and supposedly relatives of my Supkoff family) had immigrated using the names Zubata and Zubati, and that they were from the town of Buki.

The 1858 Russian Empire Revision List from Buki still exists.  And it turns out that there are multiple Zubaty families recorded in that census.  Unfortunately, even the head of the Zoupcoff family in Pittsburgh, Meyer, wasn't born until 1872.  However, I know from Meyer's tombstone that his father's name was Michel--and Michel would have been born by 1858.

Of all the 14 1858-recorded Zubaty families, there's one strong potential match:
1858 Buki Revision List; Zubaty Family (#42)--males

1858 Buki Revision List; Zubaty Family (#42)--females
  • Itsko (son of Shevel) Zubaty, aged 41
  • Itzko's sons:
    • Michel, aged 14
    • Nochum, aged 7
  • Itzko's brother Srul (son of Shevel), aged 32
  • Srul's sons:
    • Shevel, aged 11
    • Yolik, aged 4
  • Itzko's wife Etya, aged 38
  • Itzko's daughter Leya, aged 9
  • Srul's wife Chana, aged 31
  • Srul's daughters:
    • Rochela, aged 10
    • Chaya, aged 3
Shevel is a Russian version of Shaul, also the first name of my 3rd great grandfather Shaul Dov Zubkis/Supkoff. Could Shaul Dov and Shevel been named for a common ancestor?  Also, Michel is about the right age to be Meyer Zoupcoff's father.  Could this be the connection?

At this point I've raised more questions than I've answered.  But hopefully all of these puzzle pieces will eventually come together to form a fuller picture of these families' relationship.

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  1. Thanks for the Shevel=Shaul notation. I have that in my family and first I learned this. It helps confirm another generation.