Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mendel Rutner's Death Record

I knew my great-great-great grandparents' names--Mendel and Itta (nee Farkas) Rutner from their son Shmuel Moshe's birth record.  I knew that Mendel likely lived in Kolodne (then in Austria-Hungary; now in Transcarpathian Ukraine) and probably died there.  I am not positive who his parents were, although some distant cousins believe they know at least the father's name.  But a death record should help with that, right?
Mendel Ruttner Death Record; 1900
My great-great-great grandfather, Mendel Ruttner, aged 73, died on May 21, 1900 at 10AM in Darva.  Darva was also listed as his place of birth.  (Darva was the Hungarian name for what was Kolodne in Yiddish and is Kolodne today in Ukrainian as well.)  His wife is given as Itta Farkas, and his profession was "farmer."

Very unfortunately, both parents' names are given as "unknown."

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  1. So his wife predeceased him and his kids had all moved away?

    1. His wife was still alive and the kids lived nearby. But a non-relative gave the report of death in the larger town nearby.