Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Grandfather's International Tracing Service Records, Take 2

Back in October, I wrote about my grandfather's International Tracing Service (ITS) records that I'd received after waiting for a year.  Rather than waiting another year to see what they had on my grandmother and great grandmother, I went to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, as they have direct access to ITS records.  When I noticed that they were able to find significantly more on my grandmother than ITS had found on my grandfather, I asked them to search for his records as well--and they found additional information on him!
Paul Diamond Red Cross Registration, 1958, Page 1

There were several instances of him registering with the Red Cross so any surviving family members could find him.  This 1958 registration confirms his parents as Abraham Hirsch and Zivia (nee Zuttelman) Diamond and states that he and my grandmother married on November 3, 1945 in Gleiwitz.  He had been a Polish citizen but ended the war in a stateless status.
Paul Diamond Red Cross Registration, 1958, Page2
The second page of this registration steps through places he'd been during the war.  Interestingly, this document (as on the ones received previously from the ITS) state he was in Luck (now Lutsk, Ukraine) Ghetto, whereas in interviews he had stated that he had been in Senkevychivka Ghetto.  That town is mentioned in this list of locations, but not as his being in a ghetto at the time.  Neither ITS nor the Holocaust Museum have documentation from either ghetto.
Paul Diamond Red Cross Certificate of Residence, 1959
Also included in these documents was a Red Cross-provided list of where my grandfather was after the war was completed, tracking his places of residence through Displaces Persons (DP) Camps to the ship which was to take him to America.

I was at the museum for under 30 minutes, and I got these documents as well as many on my grandmother and great grandmother (to follow in another post).  They were quite helpful and were eager to get me as much information as they could.

(Note that USHMM personnel who will have access to this data will be in New Jersey in March.  Information here.)

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  1. I have seen requests to find family in the ITS records as well.

  2. Lara,
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    1. Of course! Wish it weren't on a Saturday or I might have driven up!