Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Great Grandparents' Two Marriages in One Week

I wrote earlier how many in Austria-Hungary never got civilly married until long after their religious marriage or never got civilly married at all.  But that wasn't the case for my great grandparents, Josef and Esther (nee Rutner) Joshowitz.
Marriage Record for Josef and Esther Joshowitz, 1912
Jozsef Joszovics, born about 1883, was a farming day laborer who was Jewish.  His parents were Chajim Joszovics and Mindl Eizikovics.

Eszter Fuksz was born March 6, 1889.  Her father isn't listed, and her name is that of her mother, because her parents were not legally married at this point, so she was considered illegitimate.  Her mother is given as Ruchel Fuksz.

Their marriage was civilly recognized on February 8, 1912 in Uglya (today Uglia, Ukraine).

So was this civil marriage done well after Jozsef and Eszter's religious ceremony?
Josef and Esther Joshowitz's Ketubah
Josef and Esther's Ketubah (Jewish marriage document) has them being married in Kolodne on Wednesday 19 Shvat 5672, corresponding to February 7, 1912.  So it looks like the couple were civilly married in the next village over only one day after their Jewish wedding.

Must have been a busy week with two weddings!

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